One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


9. Chapter Eight


I walked into school with Raymond next to me as he was supposed to do so. It was Monday once again and even though I begged Eoghan to let me stay at home to prevent danger, he didn’t fall for that and sent me anyways. Jordan was supposed to start Eoghan’s training today after I came back from school so that I could help out at the Antique Shop were they are right now, trying to figure out where the other elements are.


-“Do me a favor and here call me Wagner.”- I told Raymond. –“I don’t people thinking that they can go calling me by my name.”-

Raymond frowned but nodded. –“As you please.”- He smiled at me. –“I know that I am not entitled to know, but why does Thadeo hates you so much?”-

-“The time will come when you figure that out.”- I replied. –“ I’ll see in you class, I have to go and speak with the Principle.”- I added rolling my eyes.

-“Why are you going there?”- He questioned. –“Do you have like to prove to him that you are still sane or something?”- I nodded. –“How many sessions do you have to attend to?”-

-“Pretty sure this will be my last one.”- I winked and walked over to the office.


I wanted to prove the Principle that I didn’t need his help or anyone’s for the matter, I was more than capable to accept facts like my dad is dead, my mom is on a health institute and that my brother was shot, and do you want to know why I can accept that? Well, because I own a freaking ring that makes my life more than the miserable hell that it already is.


-“Good morning Wagner.”- The secretary smiled. –“I’m sorry, but the Principle didn’t come in today.”- She smiled sweetly at me and I nodded.

-“Thank you.”- I replied. –“I’ll be heading to class then.”- I spoke and she handed me a pass.


I was more than happy that the Principle wasn’t at school today, because that meant that I could figure out a more efficient way to prove to him that I was perfectly fine.


-“Wagner.”- I heard Thadeo’s voice. –“The person I was looking for.”- I took in a deep breath and stared at him. –“What? Are you not going to talk?”-

-“I’m not in the mood Thadeo.”- I replied. –“What do you want?”-

-“You’re never in the mood.”- He smirked and I rolled my eyes. –“I want to know the answer to a simple question.”- I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. –“May I ask the question?”- I nodded. –“Why didn’t you want to prove me that you loved me? I know that you still love me and that you regret what you did that night.”- He smirked.

-“I think you know damn well Thadeo.”- I replied. –“I am not going to waste my time with someone who changes girls the same way he changed his underwear.”- Thadeo’s smirk slowly changed into a frown. –“I have to go, I have a class to attend.”- I added and started walking.

-“You’re not going anywhere!”- Thadeo exclaimed as he grabbed my arm and slammed my back into the lockers. –“I promised that I would ruin your life, and I will do that now.”- He spat. –“I will tell the world that you are a scared little virgin.”- He smirked.

-“Yeah?”- I mocked. –“Go tell them that.”- I challenged. –“I can tell them how I denied you.”-

-“You wouldn’t dare!”- Thadeo shouted and slapped me.

I stared at him and kneed him before punching his stomach and his face. –“You will not talk to me ever again.”- I spat. –“I swear Thadeo, you ever speak or touch me again and I will make sure you stay in a hospital or a jail for the rest of your life.”-  I crouched and smirked at him. –“Mark my words.”-



I typed another code into the laptop, but nothing came out of it. Sighing I scratched the numbers and typed the other set. Eoghan and Jordan had come up with various codes that had something to do with the Golden Black Watch and it was now my turn to find out which one was the correct one to find the one person who owned it.

Raymond was helping me out with another set of codes, whilst the oldest where at the basement practicing some self-defense moves and whatsoever. I looked up form the screen to see if anyone thought of entering the shop, and when I saw no one I turned my attention back to the screen.

This searching thing was becoming a bit tedious, as it seemed to me that all of these codes were fake, and the person who owns the watch is hiding, and doing a great job at it.


-“Excuse me,”- An elderly voice startled me. I looked up form the screen and saw an old lady smiling at me.

-“Yes ma’am, in what can I help you?” – I questioned moving the laptop.

-“I was wondering if you could tell me how much this is worth?”- She spoke as she rummaged through her bag. –“You see, this man gave me this weird looking watch, and I don’t know what to do with it.”- She started. –“I was walking by, and I saw your shop, so I thought that I could bring it here and sell it to you.”- She smiled at me.

-“Let me see the watch and I’ll tell you after checking it out.”- I smiled. –“I will only take like ten minutes.”- I added.

-“Here you go.”- The woman smiled and gave me the Golden Black Watch.


My eyes widen and I stared at the lady, this had to be some sort of trick. I couldn’t get a hold of the watch so easily. I turned to face Raymond and I motioned him to call Eoghan and Jordan up.


As soon as Raymond was out of the store the lady spoke again. –“Hurry up child,”- She started. –“Just give me 500 bucks, they are coming.”-

-“How do you know what this is?”- I questioned as I took out the money. –“How do you know people are hunting me for this?”-

-“Just think of me as an angel.”- The lady smiled as she took the money out of my hand and walked away.

-“What’s up?”- Eoghan questioned as he appeared next to me. –“Is that the watch?”-

-“Yes.”- I replied.

-“How did you?”- Jordan questioned.

-“An angel.” I replied with a smile.


Maybe after all my life is not only filled with demons.


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