Bad Things Happen

This's unexplainable. I mean, it just happened so fast. And I don't even know if it's real or true..but I got this feeling...inside of me..that's telling me to meet someone. To be with someone.


3. The Next Day

~~Katherine's perspective~~

I wake up, watching the sun rise. As I open my eyes, I see the boy from yesterday. The boy who said he is Liam. 

"What are you doing here?" I wondered, pulling myself up to a sitting position. "Well, for one, I followed you here. Secondly, this cabin of yours, was totally filthy. And third, your clothes were dirty." He insisted.

"Okay, well how did I get in these clothes? And you cleaned all this?" I asked, hoping for an answer. "Well, I changed your clothes and washed them. And yes, I did clean this cabin." He explained.  

" stalked me??" I said, angrily. " could say that...I watched you hunt. You're pretty good." He responded. 

"Not "pretty" good. I'm really good." I proclaimed. 

He watches me get up to go to the other room. These clothes actually smell really good. But, I take them off,, since I need to put my hunting clothes on. 

And I know what you might be thinking, does she hunt all day?

The answer to no..I only hunt on the weekends. I take my time off to go to the festivals and fairs on the weekdays. Sometimes, I stay home and sew some clothes.(My hunting clothes)


~~Liam's perspective~~

I sit by the girl who goes by Katherine. She wakes up and sees me. She looks surprised and asks me what I am doing here? I respond and say that I cleaned her cabin, followed her, and cleaned her clothes. 

I later say that she is good at hunting and then she gets up and leaves the room. I see her taking her clothes off right in front of me. 

Ohhh, that beautiful white silky skin. As she takes her bra off, I can see that she is skinny and pretty. Oh..those beautiful legs and oh yes, those beautiful arms of hers. 

She puts on her hunting clothes which I washed and puts her boots on. 

She comes out of the room..

" you wanna come, with me?" She asks.




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