Bad Things Happen

This's unexplainable. I mean, it just happened so fast. And I don't even know if it's real or true..but I got this feeling...inside of me..that's telling me to meet someone. To be with someone.


4. The Hunting Expedition

~~Katherine's Perspective~~

So we walk into the woods and hunt for food. Until, he pushes me on a tree with my hands up and kisses me on the lips. I push him back and reply, "What are you doing?!"  

"I think I'm in love." He says, in the sweetest expression. 

"B-but...." I stutter, trying to speak. He does it again. He pushes me on the tree and kisses me. But, this time, he takes his shirt off. I don't object or do anything. To be honest, I just don't know how I feel. About him. About this. 

He continues to kiss me and he takes my clothes off as well. 

As we do our business, some of the queen's men come along and start laughing. "Hah, a couple of idiots in the woods....making out! WOW...that's a relief." They laughed, making fun of us. 

I pushed Liam to the side gently and walked up to them with only my bra and pants on. 

"Ooo la la la. How often do we see a girl walking like that in her bra?" They say. 

"Hey, back off!" Liam yells with anger.

''Hey boooy. You trying to help your girlfriend out?" They questioned.

"I'm not his girlfirend!" I screamed...trying to get my point across.

"Oh two 'friends' sitting in a tree..k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love then comes marriage then comes daddy pulling a baby in a carriage..HAH!!" They joked. 

"SHUT UP!!!" I yelled. "You know what? Why don't we take her with us?" One of the soldiers offered.

"Yes,why not?" The main soldier said.

The main soldier grabs me by my waist and smells my hair like a flower. 

"NO, under my dead body!" Liam screams.

"Soldiers, attack!" The main guy commanded. 

They beat Liam up blue and black. The main guy takes me behind a tree and decides to rape me. He takes my boots off and throws them in the river. He then unbuckles his belt on his pants and starts to kiss me. I struggle to run and he gets a hold of my hands and feet. 

"HELP!" I yell, hoping that someone would come along to rescue me. He kisses my cheek and goes down to my neck. He kisses my neck and then goes down to kiss my cleavage. 

"Oh..that beautiful skin." He says, as if I'm his. 

He continues to kiss me on the lips. As I struggle, he touches my breasts with both his hands and tears the bra off of me. He hugs me and kisses my back.I close my eyes and cry. 

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