Faith Lehane Vampire Slayer

Faith Lehane, vampire slayer and fugitive from law enforcement. After defeating the First along with Buffy and the others. Faith leaves quietly in the night intent on returning to the prison to finish her sentence for the murder she committed. That's when she is approached by someone she knows offering her the chance to stay out of jail in exchange for joining a team traveling the world eliminating threats to humanity. To the outside world, Faith remains safely back in prison, but as she sets off in her new role hunting Vampire's and other monsters, someone from her past knows she is out and is looking for her.


1. Inside Out




The car pulled to a stop at the kerb and Faith unlocked her seatbelt letting it automatically slide back into its default position, ready for the next person to use it.


She sat there mentally preparing herself to get out and walk up to the gates at the front of the building.


"You still sure you want to do this, because you're starting to look like a girl who really doesn't," Xander said.


"You know Buffy and Giles were serious about wanting you to stay, I know Giles was really serious, I mean more serious than even he usually is that he'd become your watcher."


"I know you think, that you accused him of only wanting to do it out of guilt over how messed up things got the first time round, but isn't that still a better deal for you, certainly better than p-r-i-s-o-n."


"You don't have to spell it out Xan; I know where I'm going. Just as it was my choice to turn myself in the first time, it's my choice to go back."


"Buffy's offer for you to help finish training the Slayerettes is real, so why are you here?"


"Look, I was being a bit of a bit...” Faith said, cutting herself off before she swore. 


"I was a brat," she said rephrasing her language. 


"Telling Giles his offer felt like him being on a very British guilt trip was total BS. “


"None of what went down, the council, my first watcher getting in deep with the Mayor, is Mr. Prim and proper’s fault."


"He should know that it's not that I don't I appreciate the offers, I do, but I think this is best for us all."


"I don't know where, when or what would set it off, but eventually B and I would fall out again and that would leave me back there again, y'know messed up and vulnerable."


"Then the bad could be let out to play again and nobody wants to see that me again," Faith told him.


"Ok, so you go with Giles to England, problem solved you and Buff are thousands of miles apart, even you two can't fall out from there," was Xanders response.


"Yeah Rupert's offer was the better deal, but it would still be all about running away.


"I'd have to lay low so no one knew a super dangerous criminal was wandering the English countryside,"


"Either that or let him cast the glamour spell so I look like someone else sound like someone else to the yokels," Faith replied. 


"Nah, I ain't hiding like that, not anymore," Faith said, I put that in my rear view."


"Well, up to you Faith, so are you going to get out and do it anytime soon. 'Coz I don't really want to sit outside the prison for much longer,"


"I got visions of being taken hostage by murderous lady convicts breaking outta of there," Xander said as he pointed to the prison.


"You really worried about that," Xan. Faith said, suppressing the urge to laugh, you know you could drive away and drop me off a few blocks from here and I'll walk back if it will help you feel safer."


"Yeah, never thought safe would be a word, I'd use to describe being with you, I think I've still got the scratch marks from our little encounter a few years ago, but you have changed Faith."


"You are probably right, you and Buffy would fall out again eventually, hell I love the Buffster, but we've fallen out plenty."


"Meaning what," Faith asked.


"That while it's probably a good idea that you two put some distance between you, I don't think prison is the right way to go for you, anymore."


"Thanks Xan,"


"I mean it Faith, this is one of those rare Xander has his serious head on."


"I know I kinda kept a distance between us after you showed up back in Sunnydale, but I did see you being almost a different girl."


"No offense but when you were at your most scary, hooking up with Mayor McSnake our oh so angry sexcapade, I thought you getting dead was the only way your turn to the dark side."


"Only you totally Darth Vadered us and saw the error of your ways"


"Even when you came out of your extended nap your Buffy switcheroo was less menacing than you getting fighty with Buffy and shooting poison arrows at my second least favorite Vamp."


"I mean to say that after everything you've done, everything you've lived through; you can do more good out here, you could even teach the slay girls a thing or two that Buffy can't," Xander told her.”


"Ok we're not calling them slay girls or slayerettes and second you mean I can teach them how to not turn evil."


"Yeah, well for the junior slayers, learning to not be evil will be a useful skill, so yeah mainly that.


"You can show them how to live with that power without a watcher."


"Yeah that still sounds to me like you're talking about the turning evil thing,"


"Maybe I am, but wouldn't it be good, hell it was scary enough when it was just you going over to the dark side, all you did was throw in with Mr, I wanna be a big giant snake guy."


"Plus you did almost kill Angel, so not like you were all bad," he said only half-joking."


"At least all Mayor Pliskin did was try to eat some high school students."


"Man I never did get to show that guy my appreciation for snacking on Principal Snyder,"


"The highlight of my school year."


"Anyway, imagine if two or three of those new girls go all killbot."


"Who knows how many of them haven't had a decent upbringing, a few of those turn to crime and we'll have a gang that makes the mafia look like a bunch of boy scouts."


"Now imagine some of them decide to take over entire countries, we could be looking at an entire new world order run by slayers, there are new slayers who could learn more from you than they ever could from Buffy or Giles or even Willow."


"Look I get that you're tryna be helpful, show me I'm needed and all that crap."


"Truth is even if I did stay out here, I'm not teaching material, I'm not the one to inspire young minds, so thanks but no thanks."


Faith got out of the car and started to walk away when Xander called out to her and said.


"Giles was right," Xander called out to her.


"You can be a good person once you dig underneath the terrifyingness and the wish to not be homicidal."


Faith stopped turned around and walked back to the car walked around to the driver's side and leaned in through the window and said to Xander.


"Oh, I think we both know that I still scare you and turn you on as well," Faith answered with a big smile on her face as she was about to walk away again she stopped.


“Hey, Xan man would like to do me a solid. “


“Err, maybe Xander replied. Unless it involves killing people, it doesn't does it?”


“No, don't worry. It's something a little more personal, well I am going away and there are not gonna be many ways to err partake in a particular form of stress relief.”


“I thought given our past you might indulge me once more.”


“You mean sex, you're talking about sex. You and me you want us to get bouncy again.”


“Hey not that I didn't enjoy getting physical with Faith, well once I got past the nightmares that night left me with.”


“Surprisingly, not that eager for repeat. Especially on a back seat.”


“No trust me Xan, this time will be Empire Strikes Back to the First time being the Phantom Menace.”


“Nice nerd reference.”


“Anyway have to say our little boinkathon didn't give me anywhere near the nightmares Phantom Menace did, does.”


“That maybe the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, “


“Right then, are you up for it?”


“I’m already remembering the route back to the scummy looking motel we passed. “


“After all, if it's gonna be your last time for a long time possibly ever. “


“I think the least we can do is get a bed, admittedly not a suite at the, the err you know, a posh hotel.”


"Alright, a night well a few hours of fun in a den of questionable activity," Faith said as she quickly ran back around and got in.


Xander drove off, they checked into the motel; returning several hours later.


“Ready for this,”


“Yeah, you know me I'm five by five. You know I'm sure handing yourself in to the law is probably easier the second time round.”


“Faith sat in the car for a few minutes mentally psyching herself up for it.”


“Ok, no time like now to start doing time.”


After giving him a goodbye kiss Xander watched as Faith got out of the car and walked up to the main gate to the prison.


Faith pressed the intercom button and a distorted voice called out.


"Hello who is this and what is your business."


"Hi, my name is Faith Lehane, I'm an escaped felon and I'd like to turn myself in," was her reply.

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