I gazed into her eyes, I felt a tear cascade down my cheek, she turned her head a few degrees to the left, confused, I ran up and hugged her. She made a awkward squeaking noise in surprise. I squeezed her waist, she hugged me sheepishly in return very puzzledly.


3. RidgeWood Middle School

  Bolt must have noticed my sour facial expression as a stared out the window across the bus onto my front steps where my dad waved goodbye with one arm and sipped his decaf coffee.


  "Hey Jaxavene you all right?" He placed a hand on my elbow. I frowned, I appreciate the effort but I'm not in the mood to tell him a story. I waved his hand away. He sighed, he is really social and I do feel bad for not responding cause I know that hurt his fragile feelings. "Did you study for your special mega important advanced math test? I'm positive our regular math test will be easy I wish I was in your class Jaxy"  


   "No simple stuff, got it down, no need to study things I already know..." Bolts strange violet eyes flared with envy for a few seconds though it quickly faded. The bus quickly skidded to a halt at front of the run down middle school with awful pale fading bricks.I hobbled my way off the bus and in front of the ugly school, wow I didn't realize til know how not in the mood I am right now for school.  Whatever... I entered the school looking down trying my hardest to avoid any kind eye contact, I noticed a snicker or two from other students, I ignored them with all my will. 


  I turned on the right hallway, then left into my homeroom hallway and entered the first room on the right. My teacher Mrs. Dane always had the front half of the rooms' lights off creating this spooky environment, and she had curtains up there always almost closed casting streams of light that flowed outwards enhancing the dusty air. What made it even worse was she is old and thin, her skin wraps loose yet tight all at the same time around her hands, wrinkly and bony, she has hollow eyes shadowed by the darkness of the room, yet her deep blue eyes shine through the blackness, her short curly cloud white hair conformed to her sharp jawline. You could imagine on the first day of 8th grade most off the class was scared when they entered the class and listened to her calm raspy voice.


 "Good morning ms. Jaxavene Ranth" She half coughed creepily. I fake smiled at her in return, shivered and went to my desk which was isolated in a back corner of the room, honestly I liked it like that. I glanced down at my watch, school will start in about 5 min. I quickly grabbed my book and stared down at the entrancing words. I could see Mrs.Dane out of the corner of my eye she was smiling at me, I shivered again and returned to my book...


  My best friend Dacy  sat at the desk closest to me, the one in front of me, she spun around. "Hey guess what? There is a new girl! She reminds me of you, black hair, green eyes, bright smile, pale skin she's nice too, I think you'll like her!"


 "Cool" I wasn't quite listening to her the only part I heard was hey. The bell roared thunderously and several other kids darted their way into the creepy class room and rushed to their seats in effort not to be late. I slid my book into my desk and looked at my Geometry teacher.


 Geometry has always been my least favorite class, so happy it's over now I can move onto the more important classes that maybe useful to me when I'm older.


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