I gazed into her eyes, I felt a tear cascade down my cheek, she turned her head a few degrees to the left, confused, I ran up and hugged her. She made a awkward squeaking noise in surprise. I squeezed her waist, she hugged me sheepishly in return very puzzledly.


1. Only In Dreams

  A dream suddenly pushed away my sleep, I was just a baby curled up in a crib, I rolled over lazily and my eyes met with a exact replica of me, it looked just as surprised as I did, it began to cry, a young woman, who's blonde curls bounced on her shoulders, gracefully entered the room . She plucked the copy out of the crib with graceful movements , I wailed in frustration, I wanted to get attention, I don't remember the last time I've seen my mother in the waking world, I don't even know if she's blonde in real life, if she's short, tall, fat, skinny. My dad rushed to my aid, he looked so much younger than he does now. He scooped me out of the crib, my clone kept eye contact with me, as I did her. I heard my dad say something to my mom but I couldn't understand it.


  " Colson" It was the only word I understood my mom say, my father's name. Suddenly they began arguing in what seemed to be gibberish to me. My doppelganger and I both began screaming and crying at the unhappy parents, I tensed, I wish it would stop coping me like a mirror, its irritating. My dad turned around and made weird faces and noises to calm me down, surprisingly it worked. He turned back, he gasped and almost dropped me. My mother was fading, one arm on my duplicate who was also  fading, the other arm waving goodbye. I wailed as my mom disappeared into thin air my dads eyes filled with tears he dropped to his knees still holding me in his now shaking arms as I screamed at the top of my infant lungs for mother.

  I jolted awake still half yelling my dad shook me repeating the same question.

  "Jaxavene! Whats wrong dear?" I began to breath slower and I wiped the tears from my cheek, I looked around in the dark, I was disappointed to see I was awake, where I don't know my mother, I can't see her. 

   "Just another dream about mom" I half sniffled. His expression shifted into a really-this-again look that I've been getting for the last 12 years of my life  

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