I gazed into her eyes, I felt a tear cascade down my cheek, she turned her head a few degrees to the left, confused, I ran up and hugged her. She made a awkward squeaking noise in surprise. I squeezed her waist, she hugged me sheepishly in return very puzzledly.


2. Navia

  I slowly ate my Cheerios, I glanced up at my dad who was cooking pancakes for my step mom. It's seriously unfair I get bland cereal and she gets princessed like a 2 year old brat. Dad must have noticed my cold stare cause next thing I knew he tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped a little and dropped my spoon and I whipped around to look into his deep grey eyes.


 "Ya?" I replied to his tap with a drop of annoyance in my voice. I bent down and picked the spoon off the floor. He squinted his eyes and returned to cooking. A girl entered the kitchen. She was the very definition of a California girl, tan, poofy bleach blonde hair that rested along her shoulder blades, kinda short, very thin but muscular at the same time. She narrowed her round chestnut eyes as if asking, why aren't my pancakes ready? She noticed I was there and decided against saying it out loud.


  "Jaxavene, Hi sweety, hows your morning going?" I glared at her she returned the look but with a little less hate.


 "Don't call me that Navia, and awful, it's Monday... how else would it be going?" I snapped at the 33 year old spoiled brat. Her glare changed into a I'm-your-mother-do-as-I-say or how think that would look. I returned to my boring Cheerios.


 "I've been married to your father for 7 years! Why can't you call me mom? I've been here longer then Kaslynn was here for!" I stood up and pushed my chair aside I slapped her right across her stupid pretty face. 


  "How dare you talk shit about my mom! I don't know my mom, you don't know my mom! Screw you!" I stared down at her, she fell when I hit her, she placed her tiny hand over her cheek and stood back up she raised a fist poised to punch. I grabbed her hand and pushed it to her side and slapped her yet again. My dad rushed to Navia and pulled her from me.


  "JAXAVENE! What is wrong with you!! Don't slap your mother!!" He caressed her cheek , gently kissed her nose and wrapped his arm around her tiny waist.


 "She isn't my mom and she will NEVER be!! " I grumbled angrily and I stormed out of the dinning room to my room and get dressed for school. I slammed the door and locked it tight. I know my dad well, he's gonna try to come after me. I quickly wriggled into my deep pink tank top with a black jacket, white leggings with a dark blue pre-ripped shorts. I swung a  black and white denim back pack onto my sturdy left shoulder and quickly rushed out of my room passed Dad and out the door. 


  I hopped on a bright, new, yellow bus with the number 89 printed on it and plopped in the 2nd to last seat on the left next to my seat buddy, Bolt.







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