Kitty Diary

I'm Bug Eyes, the cat. I'm a stray and I'm 1 year old and searching for an owner..... Well wish me luck!����


1. 🙀🙀

Bug eyes POV.

Hi I'm bug eyes a 1 year old cat and I got abandoned by my mom when I was 5 weeks old. I ventured with my brother for 2 weeks of being abandoned but then he got killed by a boxer.... I cried for 10 weeks straight. 😿😿 people gave me food and water but never took me home.

So I'm looking for an owner and I'm determined to find one before I turn 2 years old!! Come with me on my adventure threw new friends, Kitty love 😻, and finding me a forever owner 😺😺!

(A/N: I'm gonna love writing this!! I love cats!)

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