Marilyn Monroe || n.h

"I want to be just like her, she's amazing."


1. •Prolouge•

It started ever since I was a little kid. I grew up infatuated with her. I thought she was beautiful, elegant, smart and simply amazing.

My mother owned a movie where Marilyn had starred in and since I had heard my parents and other people talk about her, I decided to see for myself if she was a good actress.

"Some Like It Hot."

That was the first movie I saw of her when I was just ten years old.

I laughed throughout the movie, by the end I understood why everyone liked her.

Four years later, at age fourteen, I entered a store to rent a couple of movies and I found another movie of hers called "The Seven Year Itch."

I vaguely remembered seeing one of her movies before so I thought, why not rent another of hers?

She made me laugh so much while watching that movie, I most probably cried from laughter.

I never returned that movie and had to pay a fine after saying I had 'lost it' but really I just loved that movie too much to hand it back.

When I was fifteen just about a year after watching that, I returned to the store.

The same employee still worked there and I remember him sneering when I walked in.

I was going to ask for help on finding Marilyn Monroe movies but decided it was best not to talk to him.

Without any help, I found "How To Marry A Millionare."

The employee didn't want to lend me the movie, thinking I would 'lose it' again. Eventually I got a hold of it.

By now my obsession had begun.

I started watching all of her films, listening to any music she had and putting pictures of her on my wall, that was cluttered with posters.

When it was my birthday, I wore a white dress like she had in "The Seven Year Itch" to my sweet sixteen.

I decided to learn more about her life sometime when I was sixteen.

I found out all of the movies she made (including one explicit film that I do not intend to watch), all of the good things she did, her real name, her whole life biography.

As age seventeen was nearing, I decided to became like a living replica of her.

Unlike all those others who hang out in LA with a wig and some white dress acting like her just to charge people for photos, I didn't want to use her for money. If I gained some money in the process so be it but I wasn't going to be like the others.

The day of my seventeenth birthday, I went to a hair saloon and chopped off my long ginger hair into a blonde bob.

The hair stylist thought I was crazy for wanted to cut off and dye my long ginger hair that she found so beautiful but I wanted it short and blonde, like Marilyn's.

That day, I also bought blue contact lenses to replace my brown eyes and glasses.

The next day I curled my short hair, put on my contact lenses, and wore vibrant red lipstick.

Three people stopped me that day to ask for a picture and told me that I looked like Marilyn Monroe.

That encouraged me to continue following her life and trying to be like her.

Some people think my obsession is unhealthy but I just call it dedication.

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