My Sister's Letters

Looking around the bland white room I have no clue why I'm here. Come to think of it, I don't know who I am. I don't remember ANYTHING. I look down at my wrist and in dark blue ink there reads "Ask the nurse for the letters" so that's what I do.


5. Talking

The next few hours go by slowly. My nurse takes me to a different room to get blood drawn where I see Jordan having his blood taken as well. We sit next to each other and talk about our favorite colors and favorite foods and I meet his mom and stuff. I go sit in his room for a little while to watch more Spongebob, but when I go back to my room I end up focusing on the pain again.

By the time that 3:30 rolls around, Morgan is just getting here. "Hey girl," She smiles, immediately coming over to hug me. I hug her back and she pulls out a bunch of stuff, handing it to me in a folder that reads Make-Up work. 

We talk about all of the school drama that I'm missing and I tell her how I'm now a lab rat and making money without doing much. She laughs and asks for a new pair of sneakers and when I automatically say yes she looks surprised. "Really?" She asks. I nod with a smile. 

"Pick out a pair and I'll get them for you. Consider it an early birthday present," I laugh, knowing her birthday is two months away. We make plans to go shopping Saturday after I convince her that I will, indeed be fine. 

"Oh and your boyfriend showed up to school, although he did get a detention for walking out of Science class - which is why he's not here yet I'm assuming," She says and while she says it Lucas walks in with a coffee.

"You walked out of Science class?" I question him as he walks in.

"How much sleep did you get last night?" He replies, putting the coffee down and pacing over to me.

"Answer my question," I snap.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you and how I didn't want to be there, so yes I walked out of Science class. How much sleep did you get last night?" He repeats.

"I slept from 4 to 5 and on and off from 8:30 to 10." I reply.

"You have bags under your eyes love," Morgan says quietly.

"Rose how much pain are you in?" Lucas questions me, grabbing my hand and looking at me seriously.

"I'm fine," I reply, squeezing his hand. Then I turn back to Morgan and she starts going over the work I missed with me, helping me finish three pages of math homework, two pages of Science work, and giving me a book for English.

She leaves after about an hour, leaving me with all of the work still. "I'll see you Saturday," I give her a hug and she leaves.

"Rose," Lucas says in a tense voice. He stormed out of the room when I was ignoring him while talking to Morgan. He kept asking how much pain I was in and finally he just left, slamming the door behind him.

He came back in a few minutes ago. "What?" I reply calmly. He sighs and takes the seat next to the bed.

"How much pain are you in?" He asks me softly, taking my hand.

"A lot," I say quietly. "But when someone is here it's easier to distract myself from it," I add. Lucas reaches over and hits the help button on the bed. 

My nurse walks in with a smile. Lucas looks at me and then at her. "She wants all six of the pain medication for the next three hours," He says politely but firmly.

My nurse looks at me expectantly as if asking if that's what I want. Lucas squeezes my hand and when I look over his face is pleading. I sigh and nod. 

"Okay then," She sets it up for consecutive doses every ten minutes. 

When she leaves the room my muscles are relaxing a little bit. I move to the side to make room for Lucas and he lays beside me, enveloping me in his arms. 

"Get some sleep. I'll stay here," He says softly and I rest my head on his chest like yesterday. He rubs my back and sings softly to me and before I know it I fall asleep in his arms.


When I wake up it's 6:30. I'm still wrapped in Lucas' arms but now my sister is sitting on the couch with my nephew in her lap. "Hi," She smiles at me.

"Hi," I shift in Lucas' arms and his grip loosens a little bit. He kisses my forehead and then turns his attention to the television screen.

"Did you decide?" Arianna asks me.

"Yeah. I signed the papers earlier today," I tell her.

"For what?" Lucas asks me.

"To let people study me," I reply, reminding him of what I said.

"That's great," She grins. I nod with a smile.

"They're paying for my medical bills," I tell Lucas who looks confused by what I'm saying still. He nods though I'm sure he doesn't understand. I hold my arms out to Aidan and he walks over and gives me a hug.

"Whatcha doin bud?" I ask lifting him up on the bed, earning a glare from Lucas.

"I wanted to come see you," He smiles. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper and shows me a Power Ranger picture colored semi-neatly with blue and purple and orange crayons.

"Thanks buddy," I kiss his cheek. "How long have you guys been here?" I ask Arianna who's playing Candy Crush on her phone.

"A little over half an hour," She replies without looking up.

"Oh. Okay," I play checkers on my phone against Aidan a few times and he beats me once when I let him. They stay until late and Lucas stays even later than that, but eventually I'm left alone here.


Friday afternoon I finally get discharged. I have an appointment here on Sunday so that they can check my vitals but I'm leaving now. There's no doubt in my mind that Lucas is probably going to walk out of class to come see me early, but i really don't want him to. He needs to focus on school.

Speaking of schoolwork, I finished all of the schoolwork that Morgan brought me plus the more that she brought me yesterday so as of right now I am caught up with them.

I beg my mom to let me drive home since my car is at home and she's picking me up. "Rose you just got out of the hospital," She replies with a sigh.

"Yeah from a coma not surgery or not stitches," I point out.

"Fine," She responds and hands me the keys. I laugh and climb into the drivers seat. The pain has been decreasing more and more lately which is good so now it's easier to do things like pushing pain aside and focusing on things going on. I drive home quickly, excited to be away from the hospital again.

I send a text to Lucas when I get home, telling him that he better stay at school for the whole time. I sit in the living room for a while thinking about a lot of stuff.

I grab the family computer and look up my bank account. The money should be cleared by today because it went in on Tuesday. I've decided that I'm going to use $10,000 of it to pay for little Jordan's hospital bills because not only was he there for surgery, but he has a heart condition that is very expensive. His mom was telling me about his condition and how he's been back and forth at the hospital all year and how she's swamped with medical bills. It only seems right. But then I'm still left with a lot of money.

I get carried away with researching the price of college tuition and houses and stuff that I don't realize it when Lucas gets here until he's walking into the room and sitting on the couch beside me.

I slam the screen shut and turn my attention to him. "Hi," I smile. He looks from me to the laptop with a suspicious gaze.

"Hi," He replies.

"Mom left, so how about some movies?" I suggest.

"Sure, why not?" He replies. We walk up to my room after I pick out some movies and Lucas makes some popcorn with melted butter. I picked out all of the Transformers movies to watch because I'm in the mood to watch some action.

We sit on the bed watching as the first movie starts. Lucas sits behind me with his legs on either side, his chin resting on my shoulder. As the movie progresses I lean back on him and his arms wrap around me, his hands casually falling where my legs meet. 

I feel my heart skip a beat as he shifts his hand to my actual thigh and I put my hand on his inner thigh. My hand feels extra warm. Lucas and I haven't had sex but we have gotten pretty close to it before. As I think about it more and more, our window of...opportunity is closing with more time that passes.

I flop on the bed from my position and pull Lucas down next to me, twining our legs together and pulling his face closer to mine. Before I can speak, he does. "Marry me," He says quietly.

"What?" I ask him, shocked.

"Marry me," He repeats. "I want to be married to you. We've talked about it before. We're just...pressed on time now," He says. 

"You're crazy," I reply.

"Rose, I love you with everything in me. And I know you love me just the same. Marry me," He tells me. The grin on his face is huge as if he thought this through already. 

"Okay," I laugh a breathless laugh and he kisses me.

"I hope that ring will do as an engagement ring," He says between kisses. 

The night goes good and we don't really watch any full movies. He's really sweet and the night is just right and...I lose it to him. 

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