My Sister's Letters

Looking around the bland white room I have no clue why I'm here. Come to think of it, I don't know who I am. I don't remember ANYTHING. I look down at my wrist and in dark blue ink there reads "Ask the nurse for the letters" so that's what I do.


2. First Incident

Rose POV

Lucas and I are on the middle of his bed making out. My shirt is off and his shirt is off. Today is our two-year anniversary and we just got back to his house from dinner. It was great. But suddenly, my head starts to pound. I ignore it, continuing to kiss him. 

It gets worse so I pull back. "What's wrong babe?" He asks me. I press my hand to my head, the pain increasing worse and worse. I struggle to focus on his face as my vision blurs.

"Lucas I can't see," I pant, my breathing getting hard.

"Rose? What's wrong?" He questions.

"I think I should go to the hospital," I say, reaching for my shirt just as my vision completely goes black. I can still hear, although everything sounds funny. "I can't see anything," I feel like someone is stabbing my head everywhere continuously. 

I feel Lucas rushing to help me put my shirt on and then sweep me into his arms as he runs out of his room and to his car. "Babe I love you," I struggle to say, feeling everything get quiet.

"I love you too. Be stro..." The world fades out as Lucas' voice does.

Lucas POV

"How is she?" I ask Rose's mother who just finished talking to the doctor for a good ten minutes. I've been sitting in the waiting room of the hospital for six hours and no one has told me anything about how my beautiful girlfriend is doing. 

All I know is that she passed out on the way to the hospital after feeling pain while we were hanging out in my room - and I told the doctors this when I brought her in.

"They said that she's stable for now, but that they're doing tests to see what happened. She's in a coma," Her mother tells me, picking up her bag. She gestures for me to come with her and so I follow her to a room.

Inside of the bland white hospital room where everything is bleach white and there is no color, lays MY amazing Rose. Except she isn't moving. And her heart beat is low. And there are a lot of tubes going inside of her.

Instantly I rush to her side and grab her hand, kneeling beside her. Her hand is soft like I remember, like I know it to be, but it's colder than it should be. Her ring is on the table next to the bed instead of on her beautiful finger. No one knows how much I love this girl.

Rose POV

My eyes open and pain runs through my entire body. I clench my teeth together in hopes that it will prevent the pain from increasing. Obviously I'm in a hospital - it's clear by the white walls and white bed I am laying in. 

But why am I here? And come to think of it - who am I? 

I press the Help button that is next to my bed and a nurse rushes into my room. "You're awake!" She exclaims. I smile through pain and she starts to set up a needle which I assume holds pain medication.

"Um...who am I?" I ask.

She looks at me with confusion on her face and finishes prepping the needle. "You don't know your name?" She questions me. I shake my head. "Do you know what day it is?" She asks. I shrug. "Who was the first president of the United States?" She questions.

"George Washington," It's the only answer I get right.

Just then a boy who looks to be about 16 or 17 walks into the room. He's very attractive and his smile is very beautiful as he rushes to me bed. I try to keep calm. "Rose, thank god you're awake," He grabs my hand. 

He has circles under his eyes which are red and puffy, telling me that he's been crying. "Excuse me ma'am I will be right back with the doctor," My nurse tells me.

I nod at her before turning back to the boy. "You seem really nice, but I'm sorry, who are you?" I ask him. Shock and disappointment and worry cross his face.

"My name is Lucas Knight, I'm your boyfriend. We've been dating for two years," He says softly, his eyes on my hand.

"I'm sorry," I whisper as a doctor walks in. He checks my heartbeat and my sight and my hearing. "Lucas" walks out of the room, pulling his phone out and shutting the door behind him as my doctor starts talking to me. 

He starts telling me all about how I supposedly got here and was brought in by this Lucas who the doctor says has been here the entire time I've been here which is two days. He tells me about how I slipped into a coma because I have a really rare disease called Corinitis where a person doesn't have control of their bodies for certain periods of times. It's kind of like paralysis, except anything can happen. You can become brain dead for a short period of time, your heart can stop, or in my case, you can slip into a coma.

However, they aren't entirely sure if it's Corinitis because I also have low blood pressure and my entire body is sensitive to movements of pain and everything like that. And then comes dreadful news - Corinitis is a terminating disease. There's no cure. 

I feel numb as I take in all of this information, thinking about how this can all be made up since I don't know anything about myself. 

The boy enters the room again, this time followed by a middle aged woman who looks tired. "Oh thank god Rose," She rushes up to me. I find myself looking to Lucas for help.

"She's your mom," He tells me. Oh.

The doctor leaves the room with my mom apparently and my nurse asks if I will be okay alone with Lucas. I tell her I will be fine, and she leaves the room. Then I turn to the handsome boy sitting in the chair next to me.

"Okay so, Lucas, you say we've been dating for two years?" I ask. He nods. "Can you like, say some important stuff that might help jog my memory?" I suggest.

"Sure," He replies, a serious look on his face. "Okay our anniversary is September 5th which was two days ago. When I first asked you out I begged you to meet your mother and your sister. Umm...for your birthday in June we went horseback riding which you love. The first time I told you I loved you was our one year anniversary," He continues listing things. While they seem somewhat familiar, I can't picture them. 

"I'm sorry. I can't remember," I tell him.

"Can I try something?" He asks, determined not to give up.

"I guess so," I respond.

He grabs something from the nightstand next to the bed and takes my hand. "I gave you this ring this summer. It's my promise ring to you that we will get married some day," He slips it on my finger and then moves closer to me, cupping my chin in his hand.

I feel my heartbeat quicken in a good, nervous way and suddenly his lips are on mine. I tangle my fingers through his hair and pull him closer to me, all of my memories of everything flooding back.

He pulls back after a moment and leaves about an inch of space between us. "I remember," I pant, trying to get my breath back. I smile, pulling him against me again and ignoring all of the pain pulsing through me. 

"I love you," He whispers.

"I love you too," I reply in an equal tone.

Someone walks into the room and Lucas pulls back, our fingers intertwined while we turn our attention to our mother. "You've self-harmed?" That is not what I expected to hear from her after what I'm assuming the doctor told her is what he told me.

I tense up and squeeze Lucas' hand. He squeezes back for support. "I used to, yes," My voice is surprisingly calm.

"The doctor is concerned of how your mental health might affect your condition," She tells me. 

"My mental health is fine, thanks to Lucas," I snap.

"So you're saying it wasn't fine because of me?" She replies.

"Why don't we all calm down? I don't think Rose's heartbeat should be accelerating this much," Lucas says in a calm voice referring to the beeping monitor showing my heart beat and blood pressure. 

I sigh. "I'm fine now, because Lucas has been there for me. I've learned to deal with my stress in better ways and I've been clean for a year since last Monday." Then I turn to Lucas. "Babe can you call Arianna and ask her to come see me?" I ask him.

"Sure," He smiles at me, kisses my forehead and then walks out of the room.

"So you've heard," I say in a calm voice.

My mother starts sobbing uncontrollably. "You can't die, I will not let you die. No you are fine. The doctor said that they are keeping you for observation for a few days but that as long as you don't pass out again you can continue normally. If," She starts through tears.

"When," I correct her.

"IF," She sticks to her statement, "it happens then you'd be under observation again and may have to be here for a while, depending on your condition and how it progresses," She says.

"Mom," I start. She's in denial. "It'll be okay," I say. I say that instead of 'Mom I'm dying'. Or 'Mom there's like a 1% chance of survival' or 'Mom there's no cure'. No. I say it will be okay. Because it has to be.

And so it must.

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