Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


4. The party

Courtney's POV
    Mel and I waited at the coffee shop. Mel was in a black tank top, booty shorts, and black converse. I was in black jean booty shorts, a black crop top with a skull on it, my hair was curled, and I had black high tops on. Ashton's car pulled up and Ashton got out. "Well look who didn't chicken out," he sneered, I gave him a fake smile and rolled my eyes afterwards. He chuckled and escorted us to his Range Rover. We climbed in, I sat by Luke and Michael and Mel sat by Calum. There was a girl up front by Ashton and I wondered who she was. "That's Kimberly, she's Ashton's cousin, she insisted on coming," Luke whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled at Luke. He winked and I saw Ashton glaring from the rearview mirror at Luke. Luke and I talked the whole way there. When we got there Luke helped me out, Ashton walked over and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me with him. I was internally laughing, how could someone get so jealous? He opened the door and everything hit me like a ton of bricks. The marijuana, alcohol, and blaring music. I took a deep breath, I refused to let Ashton win, I'd be here all night no matter what. I saw Calum bring Mel in and she instantly scrunched up her nose. Calum laughed and she walked up to me, "Court, I'm not doing this! I understand you want to prove a point but I am not going to drink, smoke, and have sex!" She said angrily, "it'll be fine! Plus maybe you'll hook up with Calum," I said smiling, "no! I'm leaving...bye Courtney, I'll see you Monday," she said and walked out. I sighed and Ashton smirked, "you'll walk out too," he said laughing afterwards. "No, see unlike her I'm American, and Americans never back down from something like this, so don't underestimate me," I growled at him. He chuckled, "you're not scary Courtney, now let's go get drinks," he said and led me to the bar. "What do you want? Or have you never drank before?" He teased, "sunset margarita, extra vodka," I said smirking, he rolled his eyes and got my margarita with extra vodka and him a beer. I got my drink and sipped on it loving the taste. "You're more rebellious then I thought," Ashton said to me, "thanks freak," I said looking around at the people searching for Luke. I saw Luke staring at us. Just watching me and Ashton. I waved him over and he walked over. "Hey I wanna take you to the smoke room, give you a whole new experience," Ashton said, again he wanted me away from Luke. "Sure, Luke wanna come?" I asked, "uh yeah sure," he said smiling at me. We walked upstairs and to this room that had the strongest smell of marijuana EVER! I saw one group of people including Michael snorting cocaine, another rolling joints with each other, and the last group was taking pills. "We're doing cocaine and the joints, no pills, too dangerous," Ashton said and I nodded. Ashton and Luke looked at me in shock, never would I ever do this but here I was doing this kind of stuff. What am I fucking doing?! I snorted a bit of cocaine and then we went to the joint area. Ashton taught me how to roll a joint and guided me with his hands on mine, I have to admit I was blushing and I liked it. He then lit it for me. Little does he know this isn't my first joint, just my first one in a couple months. I took in a long drag and held it then exhaled, Ashton looked at me curiously. "Either your meant to do pot, or you've done it before, tell the truth," he said to me, "Ashton I'm not as innocent as I look," I said and winked then took in another drag. We smoked until we were laughing messes. Luke on the other hand wasn't high, I guess he was the one who drove us home. After the party I was dropped off at my house and walked inside still high, I stumbled around and my mom came down the stairs. "COURTNEY LYNN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ITS 3:00 IN THE MORNING!" she screamed at me, "mom I'm fine, just let me go to bed and I'll be perfect in the morning," I slurred out and she knew I was high, "not again! YOU ALWAYS FIND YOUR WAY INTO THE WRONG CROWD! WHY COURTNEY? WHY CANT YOU JUST BE GOOD FOR ONCE!?" Once she said that I walked out of the house and called Luke. He had given me his number after the party just in case something happened. "Hello?" He said, "Luke it's Courtney, can you come pick me up? My moms being a bitch and I don't wanna deal with it," I said to him, "sure I'm on my way," he said to me. That's when I made the mistake of letting the bad boys of Sydney High into my life.

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