Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


5. Tattoo

Ashton's POV
    It's been a month and Courtney's officially moved in with us. She sleeps in my room on the other twin sized bed in the room. It's really hard not to make a move on her when we room together, I mean she's so beautiful, funny, happy, and perfect. We were finally on summer vacation and she was at Melony's every once and awhile. Today she wasn't and I had an idea. "Michael," I said breaking the silence, "yeah mate," he said looking up from his phone, "I want to take Court today to get a tattoo, do you think she'd do it?" I asked, "duh, she does everything mate," he said as if I was mental. "I'm going to go get her and take her," I said and he nodded not really caring. The guys, except Luke of course, didn't care when I talked about Courtney cause well, that's all I like talking about now days. I wasn't obsessed, but I was intrigued with her. I walked upstairs and she was texting. "Hey Courty," I said using the nickname only I used, "hey Ashy," she said smiling. "Wanna go to a surprise place?" I asked, "sure I'm down with that," she giggled and stood up. She was wearing a grey tank top with skulls all over it, grey short jean shorts, her dark hair was straightened, and she slipped on grey high tops. "Let's go love," she said and I took her to my car which is a black mustang and I took her to the tattoo shop. "No way!!!" She exclaimed, "yes way," I chuckled and she turned my head and slammed her lips on mine. I was shocked, she pulled away quickly, "sorry, I got excited," she said to me, "you should get excited more often," I said to her, "let's go," she said and we walked inside. My ex-girlfriend was working and she looked at me. I looked away quickly, "pick out a tattoo Courty," I said handing her a tattoo book but she handed it back, "no I already know what I want," she said and showed me a picture of a turtle design, "that's cute babe," I said, the label 'babe' slipping out. Courtney bit her lip and smiled. We got assigned to of course, my ex-girlfriend, her names Emily by the way. She has pink hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and a ton of tattoos. She was everything that Courtney wasn't. I do miss her but Courtney is better for me. "Hi I'm Emily, I'll be your tattoo artist today," Emily said bitterly to Courtney, "ok cool," Courtney chirped. She showed Emily the tattoo she wanted and Emily set up her station. I talked to Courtney about getting the tattoo and she could hold my hand when she wanted to. Emily glared at me and I sighed. Courtney was noticing the awkwardness between us and probably was wondering what was going on. Emily started the tattoo and Courtney instantly grabbed my hand. She was getting the turtle on her wrist and I noticed scars all up her arm. "Courty did you cut yourself?" I asked whispering in her ear, she bit her lip and nodded, "please don't do it again," I begged and she nodded looking at what Emily was doing. About an hour later she was done. "Thanks Emily," Courtney said happily while looking at the tattoo. "Ashton did you change what you liked in a girl or something? Cause last I checked you hated when girls were nice like she is," Emily said and I saw hurt cross Courtney's face. I went to say something to Courtney but she got up and walked out and stood by the car since it was locked. "Emily what the hell was that!" I exclaimed, "you honestly think that girl is right for you?! IM RIGHT FOR YOU ASHTON NOT HER!" She yelled and I shook my head, "you are not what I want in a girl, she's the one I want and the only one I want, the sooner you see that, the better off you'll be," I growled and walked out to the car. Courtney refused to talk to me and instantly went to Luke's room and stayed in there talking to him for hours. I really screwed up this time.

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