Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


6. Jealousy

Luke's POV
    Courtney was crying into my chest. I had a major crush on her and this was just making it worse. I rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. She curled into me and cried. "M-maybe th-this w-was a mis-mista-mistake," she managed to hiccup out, "no baby girl, it was the right decision, you have to understand that Ashton doesn't care about Emily anymore, he cares about you," I said softly. She nodded but continued crying. It broke my heart to see her crying. "Baby girl please don't cry," I begged, "wh-what does she have th-that I do-don't?" She asked me, "nothing, you're perfect," I said rubbing up and down her back. She fell asleep curled up with her head on my chest. "I love you," I whispered in her ear and she snuggled closer. Ashton came in and saw us and glared at me. "You hurt her bad, get out," I growled quietly so I wouldn't wake her. "She's my girlfriend, she belongs in my arms not yours Luke!" He shot back and she woke up. Once she saw Ashton she began to cry again. He rushed to her side, "baby she isn't who I want, your my one and only, please believe me," he begged. She nodded and I glared at him. He picked her up bridal style and carried her out the door. I growled and covered up in blankets and cried quietly.
    The next morning I saw Ashton and Courtney come out of their room and I looked away. Ashton made her breakfast and she sat beside him and ate her egg sandwich he made (it's the only breakfast thing he knows how to make besides toast). I smiled at Courtney and she smiled back, I turned away before she saw me blush. I saw Ashton kiss her lips and my heart ached. I just wanted to experience her kiss, her touch, her love. But I couldn't, as long as Ashton was there to love her.

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