Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


3. Halloween

Ashton's POV

I groaned when we walked into school and everyone was dressed in their costumes. I went to Courtney's locker and saw Melony and her in their costumes. Melony was in a bumble bee costume and Courtney was dressed as an angel. Courtney looked absolutely stunning, she took my breath away. With her black hair, piercing blue eyes, pale skin, and American accent. I walked over to her and smirked, she rolled her eyes. "Hey my angel, you look absolutely amazing," I said pinning her to the lockers. "And where's your costume

Irwin?" She said smirking, "I don't believe in dressing up for Halloween," I smirked back, "that's lame," she said pushing me away. "So Melony, you wanna go to a party with Calum and I'll take this angel here," I said winking. "Calum would never take me, plus high school parties are lame," Melony said nervously, "not a Highschool party, one of our parties," I said grinning, "I don't know," she replied even more nervously, "you can't handle it can you," I teased, "we're in," Courtney said and Melony's jaw dropped. "Awesome, meet us at the coffee shop at 7:00," I said and pecked Courtney's cheek.

Courtney's POV

Once he was gone Mel looked at me, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!" She exclaimed, "I'm proving a point, we aren't lame and we can handle parties like his," I said and she ran her hand through her hair, "Courtney you're insane!" She said looking me dead in the eyes, "Mel, I'm American...don't underestimate us," I said with a grin and we walked to class.

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