Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


1. first day

Courtney's POV

I walked into my new class at my new school and everyone stared. "Ah, you must be Courtney the American exchange student," the teacher said. "Uh yeah," I said nervously, people started whispering and I walked into the classroom and showed him my schedule. "Alright you'll be sitting in the back, right next to Ashton...Ashton please raise your hand," he said and a tattooed arm went up. I gulped and walked back to the fourth row and sat beside him. He smirked at me and winked, I looked away quickly and he chuckled. The teacher started lecturing about geographical things and I sighed already knowing the material. He gave us an assignment and I was the first one done, it was super easy and I sat back down. I saw Ashton struggling and scooted towards him. I started helping him and he smiled at me, "thanks," he said with a strong Australian accent when he finished the paper. "No problem," I said and he smiled.

I didn't see him until after school when I was at my locker. I closed it and he was leaning against the lockers and I have to admit he looked hot. "Oh hi," I said nervously, "hey cutie, I never caught your name," he said flirtatiously, "it's Courtney," I said and locked my locker, "I'm Ashton, wanna hang out sometime," he asked me looking me up and down, "I think I'll pass," I said not wanting to get involved with a guy like him. "That'll change," he said with a wink and he walked away. He was really getting on my nerves. A girl walked up to me and looked nervous. She had light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "Why are you talking to Ashton Irwin?" She asked quietly, "well he's more talking to me," I said to her casually, "stay away from him, he's just going to either break your heart, abuse you, get you killed, or make you rebel and get you kicked out of your house," she said and I bit my lip. "I'll be sure to watch out for him, I swear," I said and she nodded. "Wanna be friends?" She asked, "what's your name?" I asked her, "Melony, but you can call me Mel," she said happily, "I'm Courtney, you can call me court, and here's my number," I said and wrote it on her hand. I smiled and we walked to the parking lot together and separated to go to our cars. At least I made a friend today, that's what matters to me.

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