Courtney was told to stay away. She did for a little while but Ashton was so fascinating. When she finally let's him in her life goes out of control. Her parents hate Ashton and want him out of her life. Will she keep this forbidden love? Or will she drop Ashton for the better?


2. bruises

Courtney's POV

The next day I was in geography when Ashton came in late, well more like limped in. He had a black eye, a cut on his cheek, a bruise on his other cheek, and a swollen lip. I saw he was also wearing a cast on his wrist. He slowly sat down and made a grunting noise when he fully sat down. I looked at him and wondered what happened. "Ashton what happened?" I whispered to him, "shut up, it's none of your business," he growled, "your all beat up, I think it is my business," I whispered back angrily, "shut up you fucking nosey bitch!" He spat and I went silent. I hated when people cursed at me, it made me feel worthless. When the bell rang I rushed out of class and I went through my day. At lunch I was at my locker when Mel came up, "hey!" She chirped, "hey!" I said happily. We started talking then she went silent and looked terrified, I felt a presence behind me so I turned and saw Ashton. "What the fuck do you want," I spat and he sighed, "want to sit with me at lunch?" He asked, "after what you said to me this morning? No thanks," I said and turned away. He jerked me around to face him, "it isn't my fault you were being nosy, we aren't friends, what happens to me is none of your business!" He snapped, "then if we're not friends why would I sit with you?" I growled back. He clenched his jaw and walked off. "Dude, you've got some courage to be able to stand up to him," Mel said to me, "he's not that scary," I said and we went to lunch.

After school I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car. I heard Ashton's voice yell, "HEY NEIGHBOR!" And I turned and saw him and his group walking up the driveway to the house beside us. "Leave me the hell alone!" I snapped at him, "NEVER GONNA HAPPEN BABY GIRL!" He yelled and walked into the house. Great neighbors with Ashton. Could my life get any worse?!

Ashton's POV

I was sitting on my bed and I looked out my window when I saw Courtney changing. She was in only a bra and pajama pants. I bit my lip and felt a desire for her. "Yo Ashton, get ready for tonight, big one tonight," Calum one of my mates said. I nodded and I smirked. My life may seem crapped up but in all honesty I love it to death. I wouldn't want any other life.

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