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Ariana is just a typical teenager who love 5 seconds of summer. Until she gets a follow from Luke Hemmings on twitter, her whole life changes.

{ my first fanfic, I will try my best }


1. introduction 💖

Hey 👽 I'm reagen. I have been reading fanfics for a while now so I decided to write one. This is my first one so please don't hate, and I will try my best to update.

The main character is Ariana Heberling. ( ari for short) and she is 16 going on 17.

Her best friend (which is like a sister to her) is Hannah. She is 16 going on 17 also.

Ariana lives in Philadelphia, Pa. With her mom - Monica Heberling. And her 13 year old brother - Kian Heberling.

Her dad lives in Florida, because that's where his work is. And Ariana visits him on the holidays. Along with Kian.

Ariana, her mom, and brother, live in an average house in Philly. Ariana and Hannah both attend the CityView Highschool. And her brother Kian attends the CityView middle school.

Ariana is a very grunge/hipster/laid back girl. She spends most of her time on her phone, or at coffee shops. Her friend on the other hand is girly and plays sports.

They both are in love with 5 seconds of summer. Ari is a Luke girl, and Hannah is a Calum girl.

Hey guys. Sorry for the long intro, I just wanted to get you guys familiar with the settings and characters. I will post my first chapter tomorrow ( or at least I will try) I hope you guys enjoy 👽💖

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