Nothing Now But Secrets

People ask about my father. I never have anything to say. Why because I don't know him and I don't want to know him. He left me, my mothers dead and he's gone my names Lizzie Payne. My four bestfriends are Lucy Tomlinson, Hillery Styles, Nikki Horan, and Zoey Malik. None of us know are dads. Or moms are moms all died and are dads left. Freaky right. Oh did I mention our fathers are part of the biggest boy band in the world? One direction they calling it. They have so much and they left us with so little. We only have Each other Is us against the world.


7. chapter 6

   Zoey's POV 

My eyes slowly fluttered open. I stared at the ceiling not knowing where I am. I turned my head slightly and saw a man with his back turned. He hadn't noticed me. I coughed awkwardly. He sprung around startled to see me. Zayn? 

"Dad?" I said without thinking I could see his body tense up. Shit. 

"Um .. I mean.. -" he cut me off

"I'm not your dad. Idk what game your girls are playing, but it needs to stop." I stared at him shocked. 

"We aren't playing a game. You fucking Dick." I glared

"Yeah ok sure. Whatever. We are getting a DNA test its ganna take a while but we can settle this."

"Why do you think we are lying?" I said 

"Because My baby girl died in a fire 16 years ago. She's dead. So are the others. Your only here because Harry needs to let it go. He's convinced that the girls are alive because the body's were never found. But there dead. All cus OF THAT FUCKING FIRE" He banged his fist to the table looking down. I flinched. 

"What fire?" I said timed. He chuckled. And started walking to the door. 

"You know for someone trying to impersonate as my dead daughter your sure don't know your facts." He said leaving the room. I looked down at my arm witch had a burn scar on it. The tears started to flow out no matter how hard I tried to fight it. 

                    Harrys POV 

It was 3:30am and all the girls have woken up except for Hillary. I placed a hand on her forehead, gliding my thumb comfortably over her head. My head sprung to the direction of the door when I heard a sudden knock followed by Lucky walking in. She looked just like Louis. 

"Harry I think you should get some sleep. I'll watch her." She said walking closer placing a hand on my shoulder. I smiled up at her then looked back to Hill. 

"Nah I missed 16 years of her life. I don't want to waste a second." She smiled and sat down next to my on the short couch. It was silence for a while until she spoke again softly not taking her eyes off Hillary. 

"You know when we found out about you guys. Hillary DIDNT deal with it very well. She wouldn't come out of her room. The only person she would talk to was me. I think that's how we become so close. Unseparable." She said with a light smile on her face. 

"How old were you?" I said. 


"13" she hesitated. I frowned. 


Lucy's POV 

"How?" He asked 


   ( 4 years ago) 
I sat at the kitchen table eating an apple With Lizzie, and Nikki, well Nikki was eating a cupcake, but you eat the point. I nearly choked on the bite of Apple I just took, when the front door Sprinted open. Hillary ran in, tears in her eyes running past us all, Anna (our aunt, basically our mom) chased after her. I heard another slam. 

"HILLARY LET ME IN NOW IM SORRY!! I was going to tell you!!" She looked back at us "all of you" tears ran down her eyes. 

"GO AWAY YOU PRICK!! You'll be lucky if ANY OF US LOOK AT YOU THE SAME AGAIN CUS I KNOW I FUCKING WONT!!" Hillary screamed though the door.  We all gasped. Anna stopped herself from saying anything else and turn toward her room slamming the door. 

***********end of flashback (to be continued...)***********

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