Nothing Now But Secrets

People ask about my father. I never have anything to say. Why because I don't know him and I don't want to know him. He left me, my mothers dead and he's gone my names Lizzie Payne. My four bestfriends are Lucy Tomlinson, Hillery Styles, Nikki Horan, and Zoey Malik. None of us know are dads. Or moms are moms all died and are dads left. Freaky right. Oh did I mention our fathers are part of the biggest boy band in the world? One direction they calling it. They have so much and they left us with so little. We only have Each other Is us against the world.



 Lizzie's POV

I laid on the couch with my head in Nikki's lap she played with my hair as tears left her eyes. I sat up in a quick motion. "Ok we are not ganna do this" 
"Do what?" Hillary said in a Confused tone. 
"Feel sorry for our selfs." No one said anything. I almost just lad my head back down but instead I got up and ran to the radio. Blasting it through the house. Nikki couldn't help but giggle, then she leaped out from the couch. We all started dancing singing alone to "Drunk in love" Shawn Mendez cover 

"DRUNK IN LOOOVEE, we be all night LOOOVVE, LOOVVE." I singed well more like screamed. Lucy suddenly gasped she ran to the radio shouting it off. "What's wrong?" I said nerves for the answer. She paused for a split second "FOOD FIGHT!!!" she yelled, and mad a run for it straight to Nikki's Secret stash of cookies, chips, and junk food 
"Luc STAY AWAY FROM MY STASH!!!" Nikki said running after her I giggles along with Hillary, Zoey throw her head phones back on avoiding us all. She hate food frights. A devilish smirk appeared on my face. I tapped Hills shoulder and point to Zoey. She nodded and I knew we both had the same thought. Hillary ran to the kitchen and got two cans of whip cream, "1...2...3!!!" We yelled at the same time we sprayed Zoey with whip cream, getting it all over her hair and face. Zoey slowly wiped it from her eyes 
"Oh it is so on!" I screamed and ran for Nikki 
"NIKKI HEELLPPP" the fight continued for another hour or so everything stopped when we heard the doorbell ring. 

Lucy's POV 

I was in the middle of seeping chocolate pudding through Hillary's hair. When the door bell went off. We all froze in place. 

"I'll get it" I sang as I walked to the door. My smile suddenly dropped when I saw who it was. Fuck. 

"Harry what the fuck are you doing here" I whispered. I looked back and the girls we're staring this way. Before he got the chance to answer I pushed him out the door closing it behind me. 

"Um what's all over you?" He asked almost laughing. Me chicks burned a little red.

"Ahhh we had a little food fight" I said He laughed. 

"now what the hell are you doing here?"

"Um well I came to see you guys again me and the bo-" I cut him off. 

"You can't be here Harry. Ever." His eyes frowned. 

"Why?" He said. My eyes droned as well. 

"Yo-you j-just can't" I stuttered he took a deep breath before speaking. 

"Please. I just wanna know why you girls have such an impact on us" my eye brow raised 

"Us?" Harry smiled he's cheeky smile. 

"The boys ever since we've met you today. You girls are in our heads, and, and I just wanna know why?" My eyes began to water. Before you even knew what I was doing I said 

"What did Louis do?" I could feel Harry look at me but I didn't dare meet his eyes. 

"Louis?" I nodded

"He's frustrated, he can't stop having this feeling in his stomach that says you guys are important." I tear ran down my check. I heard the door open behind me 

"Luc is everything ok?" Hillary popped her head out. I could hear her breath hitch when her eyes landed on Harry, and so did his. I wiped away the tears, pushing Hillary inside. 

"Wait here for a sec?" I asked Harry he nodded with a light smile. I shut the door behind me. 

"We have to tell them" I said after taking a deep breath. She looked at me with wide eyes. I looked behind her and all the other girls did the same. 

"What? NO we can't!" She yelled. 

"We have too, it's time." Everyone was silent and I knew they were on the same page.

Harry POV 

"Wait here for a sec?" She asked I nodded and gave a light smile. 
She pushed Hillary inside, closing the door behind her. 

"We have to tell them" I heard her say 

"What? NO we can't!" Hilary said then it was quit and I couldn't hear anything. What are the talking about who's "them?" I was about to knock on the door again, when Hillary opened it wide and turned around. I have a confused look. 

"Come in" the girl with the black/ dark brown hair like Zayns said I think her name was "zoi" or something like that. I walk in slowly 

"Excuse the mess we kinda just had a food fight" the blond on said with a giggle, as she scrape some icing off of her cheek and scooped it Into her mouth. I gave a light chuckle. 

"It alright me and the boys still have them, and my daughter Darcy. Sweet thing did you know that I had one?" They all nodded with a smile well except for Hillary. 

"Did you know you had two?" Hillary said with out looking up

Lizzie's POV. 

"Did you know you had two?" Hillary said not looking up. Shit. Way to be subtle hill. I looked at Harry and his smile dropped. 

"What?" He said nerves and confused. I can't do this. 

"Ok how about this Hillary keep you mouth shout for a little while." I said turning to her. 

"How about we formally introduce yourselves I'm Lizzie lee Payne,.... that's Nikki Way Horan,... Zoey Ford Malik, ...Lucy Bella Tomlinson,.......... And .. And that's Hillary Darcy Styles" it was silent. In the room. 

"That not funny" Harry said shaking his head. 

"But we aren-" he cut me off

"I better go. Please just, just don't look for us. Ever." He said bitterly I felt a stab run through my heart. 

"You fucking bastered!!!!!!" Hillary said as she ran up to Harry and slapped him in the face. 

"IM YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER AND YOU COULDN'T CARE FUCKING LESS. I KNEW WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TOLD YOU. I ALWAYS HAD THIS DREAM THAT YOU WOULD FIND ME. BUT YOUR A JOKE OF A FATHER." She said pounding on his chest. Me and Lucy tried pulling her off of him but before we got the chance she had past out. I felt dizzy also, my eyes became heavy,  I think I'm on the floor. I heard one last thing before I was surrounded with darkness. 

"Zayn There alive." 


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