Nothing Now But Secrets

People ask about my father. I never have anything to say. Why because I don't know him and I don't want to know him. He left me, my mothers dead and he's gone my names Lizzie Payne. My four bestfriends are Lucy Tomlinson, Hillery Styles, Nikki Horan, and Zoey Malik. None of us know are dads. Or moms are moms all died and are dads left. Freaky right. Oh did I mention our fathers are part of the biggest boy band in the world? One direction they calling it. They have so much and they left us with so little. We only have Each other Is us against the world.


2. chapter 2

Hillary's P.O.V

Liz was talking a long time with the case.

" hey guys I'm ganna go check on what's taking Liz." The all nodded and continue on whatever they where doing. I walked up to find Lizzie staring at a man with tears clearly forming in our eyes.

"Liz what ha-" I cut myself off when I saw who it was. Liam.

"Hi I'm Liam" he said with a smile and holding out his hand for me to shake. I didn't I couldn't I froze just like Lizzie. My head shout up from my trance when I heard the other 3 girls shout our names and stop in their tracks as well from the sight of Liam. It was silent until Liam finally spoke again.

"Hey I really liked the cover you did of our song you did really good" he said with a smile.

"Thanks" said Zoey she was always our rock.

"I-I u-um thin-k we-we better go" Lizzie said with a stutter holding back tears. We all nodded and we where about to walk off when a voice forced us to stop.

"Hey Liam what's taking so long" said a deep Irish voice. Niall walked up with 3 other guys following him close behind. Shit. Nikki's weak when it comes to Niall

"Oh hey mates these girls did a cover of our song so I was giving them money" Liam said pointing to the guitar case. I couldn't keep my eyes off Harry.

"Well can we hear it?" Said Harry looking at me. My heart feels like it's being punched over and over again.

"Daddy daddy!" I little girl about 3 years old or so came stumbling over. Harry picked her up.

"Hey sweetie I though I told you to wait by mummy" she snuggled into his chest and just shrug. My heart was being ripped into pieces. Tears formed in my eyes. I can't do this I walked away. I couldn't watch the man that abandon me be with his other daughter and do to her what he never did to me. My face was in hands when I suddenly felt I small hand touch my arm. I looked up to be face to face with a brown head green eyed little girl she looked like me when I was her age.

"Why are you cwying" she said instantly.

"I-um it's nothing go back to your daddy" I said trying to give a fake smile. She just shock her head and gave me a hug. I hugged her back. I don't know how long we where like that but it was probably the best hug I have ever had I felt so connected to her. Well she was my sister. right? We finally pulled away when her name was called.

"Darcy come on love don't bother her anymore." I looked up and I wanted to cry that much more harry was right there and he picked up Darcy. I couldn't help but think that should have been my name. Ever one knows that Harry wanted to name his first born daughter Darcy.

"It's fine she um she helped my actually" I said with a smile. He smiles back and sits next to me.

"You wanna tell me why your crying?" He said I closed my eyes I wish I could but we all agreed to never tell our fathers never find them go looking for them. If they find us don't speak to them.

"I can't" I say with my eyes still closed. I hear him put Darcy down and he wraps his arms around me pulling me Into his chest.

"Yes you can"

Zoeys P.O.V

Once Hillary ran off. Every thing was kinda weird. Not that they wasn't before but yeah. I felt so bad Hillary seeing Harry with his daughter. I wouldn't even look at my father. The guys kept asking what's wrong but know one answered.

"Um I think we better go now it was nice meeting you." I said I had to get us out of there. I knew someone was ganna tell the boys. I could t have that. Ever one was on the verge of completely sobbing out. Nikki already had tears rolling down her cheeks. We all walked away saying good bye well only me really but whatever. We approached Hillary. she was sobbing in to Harry's chest. He had I shocked expression on his face and he look up at us I shrugged it off and pulled Hillary up. we all walked back to our house. Ever one was in tears know, even me. we just saw the 5 guys that left us all alone 17 years ago.

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