Nothing Now But Secrets

People ask about my father. I never have anything to say. Why because I don't know him and I don't want to know him. He left me, my mothers dead and he's gone my names Lizzie Payne. My four bestfriends are Lucy Tomlinson, Hillery Styles, Nikki Horan, and Zoey Malik. None of us know are dads. Or moms are moms all died and are dads left. Freaky right. Oh did I mention our fathers are part of the biggest boy band in the world? One direction they calling it. They have so much and they left us with so little. We only have Each other Is us against the world.


1. chapter 1

Lizzie's P.O.V

'Cause you were mine for the summer Now we know it's nearly over Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember You were my summer love (summer love) You always will be my summer love (summer love) You always will be my summer love (yeah) You always will be my summer love'

claps surrounded us as we finished up the song. It's kinda funny us singing out fathers song right. But our voices sound good in it even crazier we all sing our dads parts cus our voices sound best there. Weird isn't it? Yeah I know. People throw money Into the open guitar case and lots of it. The crowed started clearing out cus that was our last song of the day.

"Hey Liz can you go get the case before someone takes the money like last time" says Hillary with a annoyed tone as she says the last part. I laughed and looked at Nikki.

"Hey that wasn't my fault I got distracted. You know I get distracted when I'm hungry" said Nikki

"Nikki your alway hungry. I can't believe your not fat"Zoey said. We all laughed and I just shock my head and headed toward the case.

As I reached down I saw a hand drop 5 hundred dollar bills. My eyes widen and I look up. But who I saw was someone I never wanted to see. Ever.

Mr. Liam Payne.

"Dad" I whispered under my breath.

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