Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


3. Chapter Three

Zayn's POV:

They all look at me as if i've got the cure to cancer, but I have a very limited answer.

"I couldn't sleep and I saw her in the road and went to go get her.." I began to explain.

"You mean she's a prostitute?!" Harry yells at me.

"NO NO NO. At least I don't think so. Let me begin again" I explain better this time, and say every detail, from the man in the truck to tripping on the stairs. They all began to look less concerned, except for Louis.

"What do we do now?" Louis asks me. I open my mouth to answer him, but Liam beats me to it:

"We wait for her to wake up, I suppose"

We all look at her, waiting for her to wake up. We stay like that for about 5 minutes until we realize she probably won't be awake any time soon. Liam send Harry and Louis to go get blankets (they insisted on being together), and Niall and I to go get pillows. We did as told and made little beds on the ground, me finally falling asleep, exhausted due to one giant, eventful night.

Liam's POV:

After I give everyone jobs, I take a moment to really look at her. She is gorgeous. How did a stunning girl like her end up in the back of a truck? Hopefully when she wakes up, she'll be able to answer all our questions.


Jade's POV:

I wake up and i'm in instant agony. I'm sore all over. I have no idea where I am or who these people are, sleeping on the floor, and surrounding the couch i'm on which is surprisingly comfy. I've got to get away from here, I don't know these people, they could be kidnappers! I sit up to try to escape, and the couch creaks VERY LOUDLY.

"Thanks for nothing, couch" I think to myself. I begin to freak out, the creak must have woken one of them because HE'S MOVING oh my gosh what do I do?! He's got very dark hair and is tanner that the rest of them. He's actually not too bad looking for a kidnapper. All of them are quite attractive. Wait, crap! He's still coming towards me! What do I do?

"Hey, you're finally-" He begins but I panic and punch him straight in the nose. He screams and everyone's awake now and staring at me with blank, yet shocked expressions. Except for one guy sharing a bed with a curly haired boy. He can't stop laughing. THIS IS NOT FUNNY BOY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

"Who are you people, and why am I here?!" I finally manage to ask. I'm really trying not to cry out of frustration, but i'm not sure if I can hold back the tears. This is awful, and i'm not even sure why or how.

Louis POV:

I can't. Stop. Laughing. I know I should have stopped and help Zayn, but I just can't. Everything about this is funny! The other's faces are hilarious, and the girl Zayn saved repays him by socking him in the face! But then I look over at her and she looks absolutely terrified. She's shaking and looks as if she's going to cry at any moment. I immediately stop laughing. My smile turns to a frown. This isn't funny anymore. She begins to stand, and i'm afraid she'll beat up Zayn again, so I get up as well.

"Calm down and let us explain," I say to her as she turns around to face me.

She throws a punch at me but my reflexes are faster than Zayn's were. I catch her fist in my hand and talk, in a concerned tone:

"That won't get you any answers, will it?"


Jade's POV:

I can't help it. I begin to cry.

"I'm so sorry!' I say through tears to the guy in front of me, holding my fist. I break free of his grip and run to the guy I just punched. He's sitting in the ground with his face in his hands. Great.

"I'm so sorry..." I manage to choke out, the tears pouring down my face. He doesn't say a thing, he just looks up at me. He has to most gorgeous eyes. Then I look down at his nose and see the giant gash I made. I begin to cry even more.

"I'm really so-" I begin but i'm startled into speechlessness. He pulls me into a giant hug. Why is he being so nice to me? I continue to cry, clinging to him, until I can't cry anymore. I look up at him.

"Who are you?" I ask him.

"Who are YOU?" He asks me.


I hesitate. Tears begin to form again.

"I have no idea" I struggle to say. They all look at me, wide eyed. I break the silence.

"Really though, who are you guys?" I say as I turn to face them all.

"We're One Direction" they all say at the same time.


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