Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


12. Chapter Ten

Flashback over...

Jade's POV:

I am awake but my eyes feel heavy. I don't want to open them because I know i'll be attacked with a million questions. At least they care, though.

Was I dreaming? That didn't feel like a dream. It felt like a memory.

But there's only one way to find out.

I open my eyes very slowly to see the boys in a circle whispering about what to do about me.

I get up, without them noticing, and walk down the hall. I find the bathroom- without getting lost this time.

I walk in, lock the door and take off my shirt. I turn around so my back is facing the mirror, and look.

Just what I thought. A giant round scar directly below my right shoulder. I wish I had been dreaming.

Now that I know my "dream" actually happened, i'm afraid to go back out there. The buck could be running around the house and I wouldn't know it. I think i'm going to have to take my chances.

I put my shirt back on, unlock the door, and open it. I stick my head out the door frame, checking if the coast is clear. It is very much not, but not in the way you'd think. I was expecting a deer, but saw 5 very confused, very annoyed boys charging towards me.

Instincts kick in and I jump back in the bathroom and lock the door.

I hear the boys' arguing, muffled by the wall between us.

"Jade?" Louis says sweetly.

"Yes?' I answer cautiously.

"Why are you in the bathroom?"

Well that's a good question.

One- I don't want to come into any form of contact with that buck again for fear of fainting again and it stabbing me.

AND Two- The boys get all in my space and fire a million questions at a time, getting us nowhere. So locking myself in the bathroom seemed like the most reasonable solution. The only flaw is, I can't stay in here forever.

"Jade? You still there?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah, i'm here. Who wants to ask me something first?" I say, wanting to get straight to the point. I have no desire to sit on the bathroom floor for hours, but it appears that will be the case seeing as if I leave they'll forget i'm injured and ambush me.


"No, I do!"

"I wanna-"

"LADIES CALM DOWN" I yell. "We'll do this in alphabetical order."

"Oh come on..." I hear Zayn say.

"In alphabetical order by last name" I finish.

"Woohoo!" Niall says in victory, and then gets on with his question. "Did you faint because of Sheldon?"

"Who is Sheldon?" I ask.

"The deer!" They all shout.

"Then yes" I answer him. "NEXT!"

"Okay, umm..." Zayn begins.

"Hurry up! I don't have all day" I groan, getting annoyed with the cold, tile ground.

"Did you remember anything?" He asks.

"Yes I did"

"What was it?" He questions. I would have answered if it weren't for the others.

"THAT'S TWO QUESTIONS" Harry yells at Zayn.

"Yea, that's kind of cheating" Niall adds.

"Plus, if she answered it'd mean we'd all get to ask two questions" Louis says.

"Anyway, shush guys, it's my turn" Liam says, forcing the other into silence. Probably giving them the 'Daddy Direction Death Stare', as Niall called it.

"Well I don't really have a question in mind, so what DID you remember?" He asks.

"Uh... I remembered a traumatic moment involving a deer. That's all I plan on saying until I can give you the full story, when I remember the rest of it" I say, being careful with my word choice. They would mock me if they knew what really happened. It was humiliating and awful at the same time. Worst combination ever.

"Harry? Any questions?" I say, trying to move on.

"Yea, i've got a whole list fu-" He answers, but I only hear half of it because my head starts spinning and I feel dizzy again. Could I have hit my head when I fell? Did I fall? Did one of them catch me? I doubt it, I was last through the door, and Harry & Niall were probably just as shocked as I was.

"Stop" I say in a loud, but not aggressive, voice in order to be heard over Harry. They get quiet, surprisingly.

"You alright?" Liam asks.

"No. Slip your phone under the door" I say, not feeling stable to get up to open the door. Five phones are suddenly in front of me. I only wanted Liam's.

'Leeyummm which phone is yours?" I ask, but I have a feeling I already know.

"It's the purple case with the girly flowers" Louis answers for him. Turns out I was right.

I pick up the phone and scroll through his contacts until I come to the contact 'Katy' with a heart emoji next to it. Maybe he forgot to change her contact. Anyway, I call the number.




"Doctor Heart speaking, how may I help you?" A perky voice says.

"Hi can you come to LiLi's house, i'm not feeling so good..." I say. I sound like a kid.

"Jade? Is that you?" She says, sounding shocked to get a call from me.

"Mhmm" I answer.

"I'm coming right away, it's only a forty minute drive and there isn't any traffic today so..."

And that is when I black out.




BLAHH BLAHHHH BLAHHHHHHHH jk i'm not gonna end it like that AGAIN. I'm not that mean.

Niall's POV:

We all hear a giant thud. She must have fainted again, but we locked Sheldon in the closet? Why would she pass out again? Is she alright? What happened?!

The boys are just looking at each other in shock I suppose. It's time to take action.

I stand up and kick the door open.

Or at least I TRIED to kick the door open, I just ended up in a ball on the ground cradling my now swollen foot.

Liam stands up, grabs the key from on top of the door, and unlocks it.. I feel like an idiot now.

The door won't open all the way, Jade is blocking it. Is she dead? She can't be....

Liam picks her up, runs down the hallway to the living room, and sets her down gently on the couch.

Suddenly the front door bursts open and Katy walks in, breathing heavily as if she were catching her breath. Did she run here? Is that who Jade called?

She pushes Liam out of the way, and take a stethoscope out of her bag. She checks Jade's heart and a look of relief rushes onto her face. And then pure anger.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO LIAM I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU SHE WOULD'VE BEEN FINE-" She begins to rant at poor Liam until Zayn clamps his hand over her mouth, like he did to Louis earlier at the hospital. Bad idea, I remember Liam telling me before she became a doctor, she was a self-defense instructor.

Katy grabs Zayn's arm and flings him over her shoulder as if he weighed nothing. He crashes to the ground with a giant 'bang' and doesn't even bother to try to get up.

"One of you morons better tell me what happened. FAST" She threatens.

"Liam, Zayn and I found a deer on the side of the highway and..." Louis says.

"What does that have to do with anything?!" Katy asks, impatiently.

"It's important, I swear!" Louis starts to talk again. "So we found the deer and took him home, Jade, Niall and Harry haden't gotten back yet, and as soon as the walked in the door, Jade saw Sheldon and fainted"

"Saw who?" Katy questions.

"Sheldon" Louis says, not understanding what she was asking.

"The deer" I speak up.

"Oh, okay" Katy says, seeming to calm down at least slightly. "Did any of you see if she hit her head on anything on the way down? Or did she slam her head on the ground?"

"A concussion! I should have though of that..." Liam mumbles just loud enough for us to hear.

"It's alright...." A faint voice says from the living room. Jade?! "You couldn't have known..."

"Oh my gosh, Jade!" Katy says and runs to Jade, pushing unsuspecting Zayn and Harry to the floor in the process.

I'm listening to Lady Gaga. Not her new songs though, I like the older ones like Monster and Telephone.

"WHY" Zayn shouts, sitting up, but still on the ground. Harry just mutters a few extremely rude swears as he lays on his back.

Liam helps up Zayn and they walk to the living room. I grab one of Harry's legs while Louis gets the other and we drag him across the hardwood floor into the living.

"Get of your ass, Harry" Jade snaps. Someone's cranky.

"Sassy, are we?" Louis teases.

"Yes, very" Jade says, rubbing her temples. "My head hurts like hell. I probably did hit it on the ground"

"Time to break out the aspirin" Katy says and walks to the kitchen. We all just stare.

"What? I remember where your kitchen is, gosh. It's not like i've never been here before" She says, coming back with pills and a glass of water. She hands them to Jade and steps over Harry to sit on the couch next to her.

"Are you THAT accident prone?" Katy asks Jade.

"Apparently. I run into things a LOT" Jade says, less tense and grumpy as before. Medicine couldn't have kicked in yet, but the water probably helped.

"Nice. Anyway where is 'Sheldon'?" Katy asks Louis, putting quotes around the word 'Sheldon' just to bother him.

"Sheldon is in the closet, for your information" Louis says, being his sass-master-from-doncaster self.

"And what do you plan on doing with him?" Katy asks, leaving us all in silence as we ponder her question.

"We were going to keep him as a pet I guess... but that's kind of a problem" Zayn speaks up.

Katy just gives Liam a glare and he already knows what she's going to say.

"FINE" He says. "I'll take him back, goodness. Now who wants to help be get a deer into the car again?"

Not surprisingly, he has no volunteers.

"Hey man, it was hard enough the first time. You're on your own" Louis says, leaving Harry, Jade, and me wondering how exactly they managed to capture Sheldon in the first place.

"I would say take my truck, but it broke down about 8 blocks from here. I ran the rest of the way here, I was so worried" Katy admits.

"I'm just glad she's okay" I say. I've never been more terrified in my life, I thought she had a stroke or heart attack or something.

"That's not exactly the case though" Katy says, leaving us all puzzled. "She's going to need to come back to the hospital with me for a cat-scan, to make sure she doesn't have any severe brain damage. I'm gonna need a ride though..." She finishes, looking at Liam with big, puppy dog eyes.

"Hey, don't look at me! I have a deer to return" He says, and points to Harry. "Make him take you!"

"What?! Why me?" Harry complains.

"You were standing (sitting on the ground still) right next to me. Sorry!" Liam says, obviously not sorry.

"YAY! ADVENTURE!" Katy says and bounds out the door.

"Shut the fuck up.... my friggin head...." Jade complains.

"Looks like i'm leaving then" Harry says, grabbing his keys off the rack next to the front door and walking outside.

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