Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


7. Chapter Six

Liam's POV:

"We. Look. Amazing" Louis said as he places the finishing touch to our disguises upon my head: a sparkly tiara.

"Louis, this will just add more attention our way. The whole point of disguises was to blend in, not to look like cross dressers" Zayn says.

"Oh c'mon Zayn, don't be so judgmental, it could work" Louis argues. The start to bicker with each other and it looks like Daddy Direction will have to save the day, because Jade is just sitting in a chair, intensely watching and occasionally rooting for either side, and Harry and Niall are off playing Mario Party on their D.S's on the sofa.

"Guys..." I start to say, but I can't be heard over their ridiculous feud. Looks like yelling is my only solution without physically tearing them apart and locking them in separate rooms like last time. It was NOT fun, and the thing they were fighting about was whose hair was prettier. Stupid, right? Apparently not in their eyes. Plus Zayn has the prettiest hair, everyone knows that.

"GUYS!" I shout. Now i've got their attention. "LOUIS BACK UP, ZAYN DON'T BE SO HARSH. YOU'RE BOTH WRONG SO LISTEN TO ME". They look like deer in headlights, and I think Jade's noticed, because she's uncontrollably laughing.

"You're both wrong. Louis: These disguises won't work" I say to him as I pull the leftover tinsel from Christmas out from around my neck. "These are too showy, we'd be noticed instantly. And Zayn: You're being too critical. If you don't like Louis' idea, suggest a different one, don't just shoot his ideas down instantly." Sometimes I feel like the only one with a brain.

They man-hug it out and we're back to our original, simple disguises. (The ones mentioned in the last chapter: fake mustaches, hats, and sunglasses)

"ACHOO!" I sneeze and it feels like my face exploded.

"Well maybe you need to see a doctor as well. Do you have a cold?" Jade says.

"No, i'm fine, it's just this mustache is so itchy" I respond scrunching up my nose, preparing for another sneeze

"WELL LETS GO!" Louis shrieks.

"Alright" I say, as I gather my keys, wallet, etc. and walk out the door, the others following me. Harry and Niall wave us goodbye, and we pack into my car and start driving. About 20 minutes later we are at St. Harper's Hospital (Making the name up, i'm too lazy to think of an actual hostpital and plus: Jackson Harper Avery ;D). Jade is admitted and we are walking into the examination room, to wait for her doctor together.

In the room there is the usual cushy yet uncomfortable bed thing with the paper over it, and Jade goes over and sits on it to wait. The problem is that there is only one regular chair. As Zayn, Louis, and I all realize this, we all bolt for the chair. Somehow in the giant push-fight for it, Louis ended up getting the chair, but with the price of Zayn on his lap, and me sitting on the ground to the side of them. Lovely. I pick up a magazine from the side table to my right, roll it up, and hit Louis in the head with it. Louis stands up to hit me back, resulting in Zayn falling on the floor with a loud 'thud'. Louis forgets about hitting me and just laughs at Zayn, while Jade and I do the same. Zayn makes a pouty face at Louis and points to his knee, probably where he got hurt from the impact of the hard, tile floor.

"KISS IT LOU!" Zayn says and we all laugh, except for Zayn, who is dead serious.

"LOUISSSS" Zayn continues to whine.

"Fine, fine" Louis says, giving in and squatting down in front of Zayn.

As soon as Louis lips come into contact with Zayn's knee, the door opens.

"Hello, i'm Doctor Hea-" I hear the doctor begin, but I don't even look up to see her because i'm laughing too hard at this awkward situation. Louis and Zayn scramble away from each other and are blushing like crazy. I look up to see the poor doctor's reaction and instantly regret it as her eyes meet mine.

"Liam?" She says to me.

AHAHAHA WOULDN'T IT BE HORRIBLE IF I JUST ENDED IT HERE LOLOL I won't, i'm not that mean, give me some credit.

"LIAM? WHO IS LIAM SHE MUST BE CRAZY THIS IS GEOFFREY THE SECOND OF ROMANIA WE KNOW OF NONE NAMED LIAM" Louis shouts at the doctor, but she doesn't even notice, her eyes still locked on mine and mine on hers, both of us shocked and wide-eyed.

"Wait" Zayn says, clamping his hand over Louis' mouth. "Is that you, Katy?"

"Yes it most certainly is" The doctor responds, breaking eye contact with me and looking over to Zayn. "It's been a while since i've seen you lads".

"ASFGHJDASJHKL" Louis attempts to speak through Zayn's hand.

"Who exactly are you? How do you know them?" Jade asks Katy.

"I'm Katy Heart, and i'm Liam's ex-girlfriend"

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