Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


10. Chapter Nine


Jade's POV:

I'm running through the woods. I can feel the freezing, chilly wind against my neck. My hair is in a high ponytail, and i'm wearing a bright orange cap. I look down at my clothes, and i'm wearing what appears to be a hunting jacket, a white t-shirt, brown skinny jeans, and white sneakers.

I feel lost. I have the panicking sensation in my chest, but I don't know why. I seem alright, even though there's nobody around. Or is there?

Suddenly there is rustling in the bushes to my left. My heart skips a beat. Is it a person? A bear? What is it?

I begin to back away from the bush, which has mysteriously stopped moving.

Probably just a squirrel. I'm getting worked up over nothing.

I look around me to find a tree to climb, to get to the top and find out where I am, and to shout to anyone else who may be out here.

I stand in front of what seems to be a good climbing tree. I'm about to reach up for the first branch, when there is the sound of hooves, getting louder and louder, and before I can turn around, there is a massive, sharp pain in my upper back, below my right shoulder.

I scream in agony, and turn my head painfully to the left to see what looks like antlers. Stabbed by a deer? This'll make a good bar story, if I don't die of blood loss. I would try to move away from the deer, but I can't. One of it's antlers is stuck in me, the other is stuck in the tree I was about to attempt to climb. I won't be doing much climbing now.

"Jade?" A male voice says, but I can barely hear it through the woods.

"Help!" I manage to shout, but I doubt the person heard me. I wonder what they'll put on the tombstone? 'Death by deer'?

"Oh my gosh! Jade!" The male voice is right behind me now.

I begin to get light headed but I fight to say conscious.

I hear a gun shot and then feel someone pulling at the deer.

"STOP! DON'T" I yell. "If you take the antler out, the blood flow will be restored but the only place it's going to flow is out of me and then i'll die. I'd rather not die today."

"I've got a knife, I can cut that part of the antler off" He says.

"Yes... do that..." I mutter, trying to stay awake, but my eyes feel heavy as ever.

The last thing I remember is the man saying "I got it!", feeling the weight of the dead deer literally lifted off my shoulders, and falling to the ground.

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