Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


16. Chapter Fourteen

Jade's POV:

It's been six days. Harry hasn't left his room, not even once. Within those six days, he has missed out on several important conversations that are a mix of pleasant surprises and unpleasant inconveniences.

After all the tragic insanity with Katy's death passed, and it just turned into tragedy itself, the boys (excluding Harry) and I sat down and had a two hour discussion about everything and nothing at all. A review of our conclusions:

-Jade (Me) will be staying with the boys until I either remember to whom/where I belong, or if I never remember, until I am financially stable enough to find my own place.

-Liam still had feelings for Katy, but he isn't angry with Harry. He's just traumatized by her death.

-We would casually wait for Harry to come out of his room and then act on the situation as he presents it.

The only problem with the last bullet is that Harry hasn't presented anything for us at act on. He hasn't left his room since he collapsed that awful night. I would be very worried about his physical health, but I was informed that he has a mini-fridge in his closet. His mental health is still very questionable.

I have had enough with Liam and Niall telling me "He just needs more time" and Zayn and Louis telling me "He's really sensitive, lets just leave him be". They aren't willing to take hold of the situation, but I sure am.

I storm past the living room, where 4/5 are, on my way to Harry's room. Enough is enough. Apparently storming wasn't the best idea seeing as i'm now being followed.

"Jade... where are you going?" Liam asks as he trails behind me as I walk down the hall, the other boys following him.

I'd like to say they're stupid but they're not. 90% of the time they're too smart for their own good. So they will see right through any lie I throw their way. Only one thing left to do then...


I break off in a sprint for Harry's room at the end of the hallway. I don't hear much in the first few seconds of my sudden running, but I sure hear loud footsteps behind me now. I finally reach his room which seemed really far but was only about 5 yards away. My luck has just run out because his room is locked. Damn him.

"DAMN IT HARRY LET ME IN!" I yell. I hear rustling from inside the room and the boys running getting louder.

"HARRY!" I shout again and the door opens slowly. I push it open all the way, close it, lock it, and push my back against it. I look through the key hole and see some very furious boys right in front of the door. They start pounding on it, like that will accomplish something.

I turn around to face Harry, and he looks like-

Well, I'm not gonna lie. He looks like he gotten eaten by a walrus that got sucked into a tornado while an earthquake occurred.

"Jade....?" He says cautiously. It pains me that this is the first time I've heard his angelic voice in almost a week.

"Harry, I'm gonna be frank with you and it's not gonna be nice. If you need to brace yourself, you're going to need to do it before I start because I want NO interruptions. Understand?" I demand and he plops down on the bed and looks up at me, very concerned.

"It wasn't your fault. And no, you don't get to say 'If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't even have been there' or whatever excuse you feel you need to create in order to have a reason to wallow in self pity" I begin to say, starting my very long tough love speech. The pounding on the door softens slightly. The yelling also dies down (NO PUN INTENDED).

"I'm going to say this once and I really want it to sink in- You could not have known. You couldn't have known a speeding driver was going to drive right through the crosswalk. She had the right of way, so that wasn't a problem, you didn't lure her into the middle of an intersection or anything" I continue and Harry looks shocked and terrified.

There is complete silence. The boys stopped yelling and hitting to door. They've come to a half because they know I'm right. I was the one who had the guts to say what we all knew was true.

"I'm going to stop for now. I want you to go out and clear your head" I finish. He sits there, stunned.

"I've got a grocery list, it'll give you an excuse to get out of here" I say and hand him the back of a receipt with a few items scribbled on the back. He scans through it and looks up at me, puzzled.

"Do we really need 5 jars of Nutella?" He asks. How dare he question the list I MADE THAT LIST. I've been mean enough today, so I calm myself down.

"Definitely, I can go through two in an hour" I respond, keeping my cool. I worked hard on that list, finding things to keep him busy. He should be running all over London trying to get everything.

"And one last thing- if you're not back by four, I'm coming after you. That is all, class dismissed" I say and he looks really concerned. He should be because I will find him and smush his face. SMUSH IT.

He hesitates before he gets up and walks to the door, unlocks it, and opens. On the other side is four shell shocked boys with wide eyes and their jaws dropped. I don't think they expected me to say what I said, whether they agreed with it or not.

"Hey guys, i'll be going out for a while..." He says softly and walks straight through them and out the door. Their eyes follow him until the front door slams, and their eyes are now locked on me.

"It got him to come out, huh? It was mean but it worked, so I'm content" I defend myself and walk right past them. They just stand there, stunned.

I hope Harry doesn't do anything stupid while he's out.


Harry's POV:

"Why the hell would we need 432 eggs?" I mumble to myself as I walk down the street, off to my next destination. This is what is gotten so far:

-5 jars of Nutella

-10 boxes of pancake mix

-2 slip n' slides

-a magic kit

-a pink polka dotted umbrella with an elephant on it

-64 boxes of thin mints

-27 spray cheese cans

-29 spray whipped-cream cans

The only things left to get are rain boots with lady bugs on them, 432 eggs, and 6 baby chickens. Where am I supposed to find baby chickens in the city?

I check my watch and it's three o'clock on the dot. If I don't hurry up, Jade is going to come after me and kill me. I start to run- which is actually very difficult when you have seven shopping bags full of random shit on your arms. It's even worse when you accidentally collide with someone and their coffee gets all over yourself and them.

"I am so sorry, but i'm really in a hurry" I say and try to walk away from her.

I get the wind knocked out of me when she yanks my collar back and starts dragging me in the opposite direction.

"What the hell are you doing?" I say and unhinge her hand from my shirt.

She turns around and looks at me, and i'm a bit startled. She's absolutely stunning. She's got shoulder length, dark brown hair, straight as a needle, gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, and pink cheeks, probably from the cold. She doesn't look mad at all, she's surprisingly calm.

"You spilled my coffee- you get me a new one" She says simply. It makes sense and I do feel bad, so I walk with her voluntarily.

"Is there a coffee shop around here?" I ask her. Now that I've slowed down, I realize I have no idea where I am. All that running everywhere getting things must have gotten me turned around a while back.

"There's a Starbucks right here" She says, stopping and pointing directly to her left. She's correct of course, and there is a giant Starbucks sign less that three feet from my face.

"Oh, okay" I say, feeling pretty stupid. We walk inside and get in line.

"So what's your name?" I ask, trying to make small talk.

"Stephanie" She answers and looks away from me.

"Aren't you going to ask what mine is?" I say, a bit offended.

"What would the point be in asking if I already know it, Harry Styles" She says with a smile.

"That's weird..." I mumble to myself, but she hears me.

"What's weird?" She asks, cocking her head to the side.

"Well you're not doing what most fans do" I say, trying to sugarcoat my response, not trying to be offensive.

"You're weirded out because I'm NOT fangirling?" She accuses.

I think a little before answering. "Well that's what most girls do!"

"Well I'm not most girls" She says and grabs her coffee from the counter and sits down at a table in the corner. She pulls out the chair next to her.

"You coming?"

"Uh sure" I say and plop myself down in the seat. We talk for a while and I end up learning a lot about her, getting more fascinated with each fact I take in.

Turns out she's an author, I asked her if she was successful or not and she changed the subject. I took the hint and went with the topic change. She has a Yorkie named Teacup. Her family lives in Spain, so she doesn't see them often. It's just her in a crummy apartment by herself. These are only a few of the things I learned about her, and yet I sill want to know more.

My thoughts are interrupted by my name being screeched from across the room.

"HARRY IT IS SIX O'CLOCK AND YOU ARE DEAD" Jade screams, rage burning in her eyes. She storms over here and I stand up to try to calm her down. It doesn't work. She has me against the wall with her hand on my throat.

"Explain" She says through gritted teeth.

Suddenly I hear laughing. Who would laugh at this?!

"SHE'S TOTALLY GONNA KICK YOUR ASS, HARRY!" Stephanie says and continues to laugh at me. I would yell at her but I can't exactly breathe at the moment.

Jade releases me and I drop to the ground. How the hell is she that strong?! She turns to Stephanie and asks a very stupid question.

"Are you Harry's lady friend?" She asks, amused.

"That depends, are you his crazy girlfriend or something?" Stephanie says, messing with her. Jade is better at these games though.

"Fiancé, actually" She says, pulls me up and forces my arm around her waist.

"What?" Stephanie gasps, obviously feeling betrayed. Jade shouldn't take these things so far.

"It's fine, I'm only kidding" Jade says, noticing Stephanie's reaction, and shoves me to the ground again. She's probably still mad.

"Oh..." Stephanie says, her cheeks even redder than before.

"I have a feeling we're going to get along great" Jade says, grabbing Stephanie's arm and dragging her over me and out of the coffee shop.

I never thought I would ever have to say this, but...

Jade stole my date.

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