Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


6. Chapter Five

Zayn's POV:

"I'm STARVING! Zayn, make us something" Niall complains. He just ate. What the hell?

"Fine" I say, giving in.

"YAY!! Food!" They all cheer.

I roll my eyes. "So what do you want to eat?"

"PANCAKES!" Jade shouts.

"Niall? Approval?" I ask.

"Sounds good to me"

"DON'T WORRY ZAYNIE! I'll help you!" Harry says, putting an arm around my shoulder. At least i'll have some support.

"I want mine in the shape of a dinosaur!" Louis requests.

"Aha, i'll see what I can do" I say.

"Don't we have dinosaur cookies cutters?" Harry asks me. (Brah- I cannot cook I don't know if you can shape pancakes with cookie cutters so if you can't... well.. idk use your imagination, If I tried i'd probably burn down the kitchen and we would want that, there's food in there!)

"I'm not sure but i'll check"

"I WANT A SMILEY FACE" Jade yells.

"Okay, okay, any more orders? Liam? Niall?" I ask them.

"I'll have just a regular pancake" Liam says.

"I'm alright as long as I get five" Niall answers.

"Sounds good to me" I say as Harry and I walk into the kitchen and get cooking.

Approximately 45 minutes later (Still guessing. I can't/don't cook), Harry and I have made two dino-shaped, two smiley face, and nine regular pancakes for all of us to share. We all dig in and chat about random things until we begin to see the severity of Jade's condition.

"OWW!" Jade yelps as she barely bumps her arm on her chair.

"Are you okay?!" I ask her.

"We should get you to a doctor" Liam suggests.

"No, no, i'll be just fi- OWCH!" She yells yet again, running into the table in an attempt to put up her dishes.

"Here, let me get those for you" Louis says, taking the plates and putting them in the sink. "You need to sit down and rest"

"Resting is good and all, but she really needs to go the the hospital" I chime in. We all look to her for a response, but it wasn't what we were expecting to hear.

"How did I get this injured anyway?" She asks all of us in general, but all of the boys look to me for an answer. "Did you do this to me?! Zayn!" She screams at me, standing in he chair and slamming her fists on the table.

"NO NO NO. No. I swear to you, I did NOT do this to you. Let me tell you what happened" I say and she seems to have calmed down because she's now sitting down and her hands aren't in fists anymore. I can tell she's still peeved because she's really tense.

"I'm listening" She says as she waits for my explanation, but honestly I don't have one. So I tell her exactly what I told the boys: The truth.

After i'm done telling her exactly what happened, she looks really upset, and honestly, could you blame her? She was dumped in the street by... well who even knows? I snapped back into reality by noticing Harry's comment on the subject:

"We can't take her to the hospital"

All of us froze, extremely confused.

"Why not?" Niall asks Harry.

"She needs medical treatment" Liam argues.

"The press would go CRAZY and make up random, not true stories, like 'Zayn Malik's new girlfriend?', 'Was he the one who beat her so badly?', 'Will she press charges?', and 'Who is this mystery girl?', so we can't take her."

"Plus, we'd end up trapped there because of fans and paps" Louis adds.

I suddenly get a very good, and very risky idea. But it might just work. "I'VE GOT AN IDEA!" I blurt, interrupting Harry and Liam's nonsensical bickering.

"Well?" Jade says. "Spit it out already!"

I wait a little longer, just for emphasis. "Disguises!" I finally say.

"Do we have materials to make disguises?" Niall asks me. ASKS ME. But Liam decides it's his turn to answer.

"The question is do we have ENOUGH disguises" Liam ANSWERS MY FRIGGIN QUESTION as he rummages through the downstairs closet, attempting to find something to hide our identities. He walks out of the closet placing random things on the table. "Okay, i've got a sombrero-" He begins but Louis interrupts.

"A sombrero wouldn't work, it would only add more attention to you"

"Well then" Liam begins again. "I've got two ball caps, a beanie-"

"DIPS ON THE BEANIE" Harry shouts.

"ENOUGH INTERRUPTING ME I'M TRYING TO TALK HERE" Liam snaps at us. All is silent. "Thank you"

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA" Jade bursts out laughing all of a sudden. Apparently she has no fear of angry Liam, unlike the rest of us. Luckily for her, he doesn't seem to have steam rushing out of his ears so she won't be killed BY THE WRATHHH OF DADDEH DIRECTION. MOOHAHAHAHA!

"Excuse you?" Liam asks, genuinely puzzled but a bit amused.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOU FACE! YOU LOOKED AS IF YOU WERE GO TO MURDER THEM JUST FOR INTERUPTING YOU!" She manages to get out, still going through a combination of gasping for breath and giggling like an idiot.

"Well we should continue, and seeing as there are only two ball caps, a beanie- AND NO HARRY THE BEANIE IS MINE, two sets of sunglasses, and two fake mustaches: only three or us can go with you.

All eyes are on her and she's startled by the sudden attention.

"What?" She asks us all, astonished by our unusual lack of noise and yelling.

"Who do you pick?" Louis asks, eager for a response.

"Pick for what?" She asks, obviously not catching on.

"TO BRING WITH YOU!" Harry, Niall, and I shout in unison, frustrated by her not understanding.

"OHHHHHH" She excaims, eyes lighting up, finally comprehending what we've been trying to get out of her for the past couple of minutes. "WELLLLLLLL i'm going to go with a process of elimination sort of thing so... NIALL-"

"WHAT THAT ISN'T FAIR WHY HIM" I argue accidentally interrupting her. If she was Liam she would be madddddd.

"If you would shut your trap, I could finish my thought" She begins. "Niall- you're out because admit it to yourself, you'd probably run off in search of snacks, am I not right?"

"Um... well she's not wrong... but I wouldn't do it on purpose..." Niall mumbles to himself.

"Next I would have to say Harry-" She starts again.

"Harry what? Am I in or out? Of course i'm in i've got my charm" Harry says, wiggling his eyebrows at her in a creepy, yet funny, way.

"And for that, you're our Harry. Can't let him get too arrogant can we?" Jade decides.

"So them it's Liam, Louis, and me?" I ask her.

"Yup. And I call a mustache" Louis says and quickly grabs the bushy, brown mustache of the table and runs away yelling some nonsense about a glittery fedora.

"Well this is going to be REALLLLLY interesting, isn't it?" I add.

I have a feeling this is going to be a hilarious disaster.

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