Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


13. Chapter Eleven

Harry's POV:

We all piled in my car, me driving, Jade up front, and Katy in the back.

"How come you always get to be up front?" I ask.

"Do you honestly want to know?" Jade says back. I have a feeling I don't want to know, but curiosity gets the best of me.

"Yes?" I say with a hint of doubt in my voice. Apparently that was a mistake, seeing as she gets a devious smirk on her face as she stares at me.

"Well if you must know..." She says, not getting to point right away, which she knows will make me anxious. "It's been scientifically proven that sitting in the front seat of a vehicle in motion can prevent and lessen the effects of nauseousness and headaches."

"Basically, it'll help her head hurt less" Katy sums up for me. I understood that, i'm not an idiot. (I AM TOTALLY SORRY IF YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THAT, I'M NOT CALLING YOU AN IDIOT I SWEAR i'm sorry anyways keep reading :D)

"Now was that giant explanation necessary?" I ask.

"Absolutely not" Jade says with a grin. Katy just laughs. She has a cute laugh, unlike Jade who sounds like a dying hyena. And now that i'm thinking about it, she's pretty attractive. Wait- what am I thinking? This is Liam's ex-girlfriend i'm talking about! Shut up brain, focus on driving.

In about 45 minutes, we're in the parking lot of the small hospital that Katy works at. It's 9:00 pm, so most of the paps have left, but fans are much more dedicated. I see that one has actually got a fold-up tent at the entrance.

"Uh oh" I blurt.

"What?" Jade asks.

"I don't have a disguise, I didn't think to bring one" I admit.

"Way to go, genius" Jade says and hits me on the head. "Just give me your wallet and we'll be okay. You can stay in the car"

"It's fine, your scan will be on the house" Katy speaks up. Jade turns around to face her.

"You really don't have to do that, Harry can pay"

"No, I insist!"

"Won't they take it out of your pay?"

"It doesn't matter, it's fine"


"KATY GO FIX JADE'S HEAD. Katy, here's my number, text me when you need me to come pay for things" I say, writing my phone number on a piece of paper I got from the glove compartment and handing it to Katy.

"I think he just wants an excuse to give you his number..." Jade whispers to Katy, who just laughs again.

"I heard that! Jade get out of my car and get your head fixed. I think it's affecting your mental health..." I say, so she won't try to embarrass me anymore.

I'm bored out of my mind, sitting in the car for about an hour, listening to whatever is on the radio. The next song that comes on is some Pitbull song that I'm not that fond of, so I switch the station to something else. My luck seems to have run out, all that is on right now is people gossiping and that one obnoxious Pitbull song. I choose gossip.

I'm only really half listening when I hear a familiar name.

Celebrity Niall Horan has been spotted in public with a unknown girl. Has Niall found true love? Is he keeping her a secret? Call in what you think is going on, or call in the report any further knowledge you may have on the topic.

Without even thinking I pull out my phone, dial *67 and then the number provided.

It looks like we have a caller! Natasha, who's on the line?

Uhh... It's...

On with in Natasha, we don't have all day.

It's Harry Styles...

There is a moment of silence and I just chuckle. That poor guy must be so terrified.

Umm okay! Harry Styles, what would you like to share with us today?

I'm grinning like an idiot, thinking of things to say.

Harry? You still here?

"Yeah, i'm still here" I manage to say, trying not to laugh.

Okay, what information do you have about Niall Horan and this mystery girl?

This 'mystery girl'? Now i'm starting to get offended. At first I was going to just set things straight, but not now. Now i've got a LOT more to say.

"It's not about that, and her name is Jade. I would just like to say spreading rumors and gossip about people you don't even know and will probably never meet is one of the stupidest and rudest things any human being could do to another. If you had any common sense you'd stop saying such preposterous things on the radio and keep your inquiries to yourself. Goodbye" I lecture him and hang up. I'm still listening to the radio, but nobody's talking anymore. I'm not surprised.

Okay folks, that's all for today! Listen to us next time this Thursday from 5 to 9! Bye!

Now i'm laughing hysterically because I hear 'Natasha' say: Like we'll have any listeners...

I agree with her. Not trying to be boastful, but I do have a rather large influence on people.

My phone rings and i'm startled, because people don't usually call me. Could the radio station have traced my number? Could a fan have acquired it somehow? There's only one way to find out...


"Harry! Jade is alright, for the most part, just a slight concussion, nothing too major" Katy's familiar voice says. I'm instantly relieved.


"Oh, yeah i'm still here. Do you need me to come pay?" I ask her.

"No, i've taken care of it. You probably wouldn't be able to come in anyway, there is about 100 teenage girls here and about 20 cardboard cut-outs of you and your friends. They'd maul you" She explains.

"Sorry, i'll get your money back somehow..." I say trying to think of a way to repay her.

"Just take me out for dinner and we'll call it even?" She asks.

Now i'm shocked and very confused. This is Liam's ex-girlfriend, why does she want to go on a date with ME? (Cause you're fucking Harry Styles who wouldn't want to date you. SORRY XD)

"Uhh sure, i'll pick you up tomorrow at 8?" I ask, and I think she can hear the concern in my voice.

"That sounds great, Harry" She reassures me. She hangs up and the passenger seat of the car opens. Jade pops in the car without a single word, which is frightening because she usually talks a lot and has something to say.

I pull out of the parking lot, and about half way home she decides now is the time to talk.

"You're such an awkward turtle, Harry" She says and bursts into a fit of laughter. My cheeks get red and I know she notices because she laughs even more.

"She was on speaker phone, in case you're wondering how I heard your awkwardness" She continues and laughs even more.

She basically teases me for being an 'awkward turtle' as she called it, for the rest of the car ride home.

(IF YOU'RE AN AWKWARD TURTLE PUT YOUR HAND IN THE AIR *raises both hands bc double the awkward*)

As soon as I pull into our driveway, she goes for the door, but I put the child safety lock on it.


"I'm well aware of that" I respond.

"What do you want then?" She asks, genuinely curious.

"I need you to not tell any of the boys about my... oh screw it. Don't tell them about my date with Katy" I practically beg her.

"Okay, I won't" She promises. "NOW LET ME OUT"

"Fine" I say smiling, and giving in. We get out of the car and walk up to the porch. I unlock the door and walk in to see the most terrifying sight i've even seen.

The boys are sitting in a circle in the middle of the living room.

And Louis and Zayn are kissing.

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