Zane is beautiful


2. Zane

I find Zane my favourite boy in h2o just add water and my favourite girl is Ricky!

if I had to choose one to date NOT THAT I WANT TO I would choose Zane!

some people in this program call him babe which if found disturbing because babe ugh just really....

next thing about Zane is they say he is supposed to be a bad boy biker guy but then he goes all nice in season two in the ending!

i do like the new type with merman but I would adore it with the same people as last time!

i think Zane can be cheeky but friendly because he keeps the secret and he is always there for Ricky unless he is biking with Nate!

i also like Nate but I dunno don't really mind!

he runs the cafe Ricky's with Ricky and I just relished I spelt the name wrong oh well.....

anyways he hired Sophie the brat which is bad news BIG TIME....

sadly Emma left the group I think later in season two.. Not sure on that one.

He can get into big trouble sometimes which is bad or he tricks Ricky which I don't think she likes that much.

Right now I hear motorbikes outside so that's inspiration not :/ 

next he is a rich boy and spoilt but he hates that now so good and he and Ricky sticks up for Zane cause his dad wanted to build on mako island but the stuck up for him Emma and Ricky while Lewis and Cleo where getting rid of clothes on a way!

Tell me in the comments who is you favourite boy and girl also couple!

Lewis and Cleo 

Zane and ricky

 Emma and that guy

Bella and thing






sophie Etc 






or thing

or others!


and one more thing before I leave it here,  the juicenet was knocked down by Zane and friends and built into Ricky's cafe for a treat!


One last thing! 

What One is Your favourite power and why?

See ya and read ya comments! Like and fan me!

might give shutouts to first three likers commenters and fanners!


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