She looks so perfect

This is a one shot story. Which means I won't be adding any more to this one. The one chapter is the only chapter there will be.
This is a lesbian story and I honestly don't know what to write here without giving anything away.


1. She looks so perfect

    Looking over her way I can’t help but stare. I’m lost in her beauty, mesmerised by her laugh. My head rested in my hand I take a deep sigh, a smile creeping on my face. She took a quick glance at me, quick enough for no one to notice, but enough for me to see. I looked down at my watch that sat upon my wrist. 3:12pm. Again I smiled, knowing that in 3 minutes class would be over and she would be all mine. Well almost.

    See Daisy wants to keep our relationship a secret, she’s not ready for anyone at school to know. And before you start having thoughts, no she’s not embarrassed about me, or ashamed of me in anyway. She has a boyfriend, and well, he doesn’t know about her. And she wants to keep it that way. I can understand I guess, it took me 2 years to come out to my family. She’s not ready for others to know, and I respect that.

    Darren, he’s Daisy’s boyfriend, he just uses Daisy for status in the school. He tells everyone how much sex they have, when in reality they haven’t once done it. She’s only with him so other people won’t catch on to the fact that she’s actually a lesbian. She’s convinced that her friends will dump her before even really thinking about what they were doing. I was lucky to have supportive friends, they never once treated me any differently when I confessed. It was soon around the school and it felt great for everyone to know. There were only one group of people at school to judge me for it, and you probably guessed it, Daisy’s friends. At first Daisy did to, but I confronted her about it and that’s when it all started.


    Anger ran through my body, I was sick of the torments about me being a lesbian. I stormed down the empty hall way, I just wanted to get home and away from it all. I turned the corner and saw her. There she was at her locker, alone. She had her head down low, looking at her phone.

    “Daisy” I basically shouted her name. Her head snapped up to look at me, she looked a little sad. But that wasn’t going to stop me. “Stop will the bull shit. I’m tired of the crap you give me day after day. You tell your friends to leave it. It’s not funny!” By then I was shouting for sure. My feet took me closer to her, she didn’t say anything as I approach her. She put her phone in her bag and patiently waited for me.

    “Tegan…” She whispered. I stopped in front of her and waited for her to speak, which wasn’t appearing to happen. I leant against the locker next to hers, still waiting. Daisy turned to face me properly, she rested her hands on the lockers either side of my face. Then her lips were on mine, and we were almost making out.


    The bell rang knocking the thoughts of the first time Daisy kissed me out of my mind. I picked up my folder and pens up and practically ran towards my locker. The sooner I got home, the sooner Daisy could come over. I muttered sorry to anyone I bumped into and was soon out in the parking lot, sitting on top of my Volvo. Daisy and I had an agreement that we meet at my car as soon as possible, to avoid her friends seeing her.

    “Hey!” I greeted Daisy as she got in hearing distance. Her grin just showed everything really. I hopped down from the hood of the car, and joined Daisy, sitting in the driver’s seat. “My mom’s cooking dinner for us tonight” I told Daisy as I started the car.

    “Sweet! Spaghetti?” She asked, sounding excited. I nodded, knowing she was looking at me. Daisy placed her hand on my thigh as I drove, which I liked. “I have something I want to tell you about tonight” She sounded nervous, so I had the urge to look at her but she still had that beautiful smile plastered on her face.

    “Am I allowed to know what it’s about?” I questioned.

    “It’ll give it away” She giggled and I almost melted on the spot. Even after this last year of being together, she still managed to get to me. I left the conversation at that then and carried on driving, occasionally taking quick glances at Daisy. Her hair was being blown about as she had the window wide open.  

    The drive to my house didn’t take too long, about 20 minutes. I drove into the empty driveway and just sat in the car for a little while. Daisy turned to look at me, she was about to say something when I think she understood. She leaned towards me and planted a little peck on my lips. I bit my lip, wanting more. I pouted at her, begging for more. She shook her head and told me later.

    As soon as I opened the door we were greeted by my mother. She’s the only one person who knows about Daisy and me being together. Mom hugged us both asked about how our days were. Daisy was always so willing to talk to my mom, it was actually really nice that they got on so well. I wonder what it would be like meeting Daisy’s parents.

    “Tegan, are you even listening to me?” Mom asked, I shook my head at her and I earned a stern look. I quickly apologised. “I asked if you’re going to you fathers this weekend” She didn’t look too happy with me.

    “Oh, yeah. I’m going tomorrow” I replied.

    “Can I come too?” Daisy’s question shocked me. Friday nights were usually just for us, the weekends were always for her friends.

    “Sure. Don’t you have any plans though?” I asked, moving from the hallway to the living room.

    “Not this weekend” she said casually, as if it were normal for her not to have plans. Daisy sat next to me on the sofa and cuddled into me. I put my arm around her back and pulled her closer to me. Her head rested on my chest and her hair was in my face, I didn’t mind though, it meant I could smell that familiar smell of strawberries.

    “So what did you want to tell me?” I quizzed Daisy. She took a deep breath, she was so quiet it was nice. I could hear her slow breathing.

    “Later” She said as she moved to rest her head in my lap. She looked up at me and I stared into her beautiful green eyes. I pushed a strand of her hair out of her face, leaning down to kiss her. Our lips met just as my mom walked into the room, but as soon as I’m sure was what she saw what we were doing, she left straight away. Mom didn’t really like to interrupt Daisy and I, which I like. I leant back in the sofa and giggled at how perfect Daisy was looking. Mom came back into the living room and told us that dinner was almost ready.

    Daisy and I went upstairs to change out of our uniforms and prepare ourselves for dinner. Daisy rummaged through my clothes deciding what to wear, this was a usual routine for Daisy. She was always wearing my clothes. Daisy pulled my ‘wilder than you think’ jumper over her head, as I pulled my ‘I’d rather be eating pizza’ jumper. Daisy grabbed hold of my hand, and I entwined our fingers together. We walked down the stairs hand in hand. As we reached the dining room, I kissed Daisy’s hand before letting go.

    “Thanks for dinner mom” I said.

    “I really do love your mom’s spaghetti” Daisy told me as she stood by my bed wearing nothing but her underwear. I pulled back my sheets and invited her into my bed. She jumped into the bed, almost squashing me.

    “So what was it you wanted to tell me?” I asked, as she tried to get comfortable in bed. I watched her closely as she took a deep breath.

    “Itoldthem” Daisy said it so fast I couldn’t understand. I gave her a weird look and she took another deep breath. “I told them” She said a lot slower. I still wasn’t catching on, and she could tell. “I broke up with Darren. I told my friends that I’m a lesbian. I told them that we’re together” As she said ‘together’ I felt her take my hand in hers.

    “You did?” It came out as a question, even though I didn’t mean for it to.

    “Hence why I no longer have plans this weekend” She sighed. I kissed her lips slowly before settling down to fall asleep in my now forever girlfriend’s arms.

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