How to be a youtuber commenter noob!


1. First

1: write a comment.

2: post the comment.

3: think the comments mean.

4: repost the comment somewhere else.

5: tell someone they look beautiful but actually you think they don't.

6: say I like kind in the mirror when you are lying to yourself.

7: then say MIRANDA WHERE ARE U?

8: Run and fall over on purpose.

9: it a ice lolly and feel good.

10: then jump on the sofa and chill. 

11: write a short song of Nyan cat.

12: go out and eat a happy meal and feel good.

13: play on Minecraft and troll.

14: write a poem then dance while saying it.

15: buy of see a yak. ( looking on google images counts)


15 ways to be a youtuber commenter noob!

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