Somebody to You

Holland is a regular high school girl that doesn't have many friends, not much of a social life but always had an urge for romance. She's a hopeless romantic and has an image of her perfect first love. There are three boys that fit her image, the high-school quarterback, the student council president, and the well known band leader. She knows that one of them has to be her perfect first boyfriend, however her first love might be closer than she thinks.


1. 1

Sitting alone, in her bathroom, straightening her extensions was not Holland's idea of a fun Friday night. Actually staring at herself blankly in the mirror every night while wondering why the fuck she continues to put up with everything at school was usually how it went.

"Holland, are you going to do something tonight?"

Holland's mom was always worried that at the age of 16, Holland wasn't having enough fun, which was entirely true. I mean sure homework is a great time, and all those AP and honors classes are a fucking ball, however, the fact that holland hadn't had her first real boyfriend, and really couldn't remember a time that she had liked high school was pretty morbid.


"Well why don't you go to the football game with some girlfriends?"

"Well sadly, my total of three friends that happen to be female are all busy tonight."

She wasn't lying. She had a total of three girlfriends to talk boys with and sadly they were all pretty selfish.

There was Thania, who was uppity and loud. She was promiscuous and honestly holland wished she was more like her. She wasn't afraid of anyone and got any guys she wanted. Luckily she was pretty stuck on her ex Paul. (We'll talk more about that later).

Then there was Keri, a short bustier girl that was into band. She was one of the first friends that Holland made when she moved to Northern Missouri. She was one of those girls that oddly enough got every boy she wanted to, however she had lower standards, but still.

Lastly, there was Kaylee, the friend that always had to be right about everything even though she was always wrong about everything and entirely ignorant when it came to EVERYTHING. If Holland had to pick a least favorite friend, it was Kaylee, but she couldn't seem to break off the friendship.

All three had one thing in common, they were the selfish type of friends that always came to Holland with their problems, but never helped her with any of hers.

"Well why don't you call Christian? He'll go with you"

"Mom, he has a youth group meeting tonight."

Christian is Holland's best friend, he was the only boy that was even remotely interested in becoming friends with the new shy girl freshman year. They were pretty much inseparable unless it came to his family time or her writing tutoring time. Christian spent fifty-percent of his time at church, which was ironic because he wasn't overly religious at all. Holland was pretty sure that he did it to make his mom happy, she had just recently got a divorce from Christian's dad and was left to take care of her five kids alone. They were off very well financially but his mom was pretty depressed about their dad leaving them.

"Okay well Raul, your sister and I are going to the game if you want to come..."

"no, mom I'm okay, I'll stay home and catch up on homework or read."

Holland would rather do anything other than hangout with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend on a Friday night.

"okay, suit yourself, I'll cheer on Zac for you."

Zachary Feydurk. His name might not be the most charming thing but somehow it was always like music to Holland's ears. Zac was the quarterback of the football team, and Holland was totally in love with him since the moment she looked into his eyes in her honors English class. He was really smart,  and sweet, well at least he was to her. She didn't talk to him much except for her sophomore year when they sat near each other in Honors English II and AP World history. She spent her whole sophomore year insanely depressed over the fact that he would never make a move and she was entirely too afraid of rejection to make one herself. Christian hated him because he had to deal with her tears over the kid and he always said that "she was entirely too good to deal with his bullshit.", but Holland still liked him. He was one of the three on what she liked to call, "the list".

"The list" was her list of candidates for her future first love. She wanted her first love to be one from the movies. With the cliché kisses and ridiculous happy ending. She hated the fact that she hopelessly craved this but she did.

The other two boys on her list consisted of Jeremy Richwell and Cole Krutch. Jeremy Richwell was a band geek, however, he kind of ruled the school. He played soccer and was tall and had dark~features . A lot of girls were into that. Christian always said that he was overrated because he was known as a soccer jock, yet he sat on the bench most of the game. He was also convinced that the kid had a hunch back, which Holland never seemed to notice.

Cole Krutch was a senior to Holland's junior but he was also the Student council president which was a huge deal. They were in French club together and he was the type of nerdy that Holland loved. He was the highest score on the ACT of a perfect 36 and everyone worshipped him for it. This was the only one that Christian was okay with Holland liking. He said that he was the only non-douchebag out of the three.


"Ouch!Shit!" Holland was scared out of her day dream of her "list" boys an burnt herself with the straight iron.

She grabbed the phone and answered it while hurrying to run her hand under cold water.


"Hello darrrrrrling, what are you up to?"

It was Christian.

"You're phone call scared the hell out of me and I burnt myself"

"Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that you are afraid of any social interaction" he laughed.

"Oh no, I was just scared that the home phone was ringing, that hasn't happened since 1999, this is the 20th century, you could have texted me ya know"

"oh, you know how much I hate mainstream texting, I prefer conversing with my voice."

"Is that why you're so annoying?"

"yes. Now Holland my dear, I have my bowtie on and I think we should go do something extravagant."

Christian's definition of extravagant was usually TPing houses or pulling ridiculously impractical jokes on people.

"I thought you had a meeting tonight.."

"It was canceled, thank God, ha ha do you see what I did there?"

"I mean I don't even have my extensions in yet..."

"you look perfect with your mid-length hair, I don't know why you need it to be all the way to your ass."


"Sorry, I mean I'm already at your house so you are coming whether you like or not and I'll be inside in like less than 5 seconds"

Before Holland could argue he hung up and she heard his car lock from out front.



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