This is a Luke story, and how he is on tour, wanting to be beside Cassidy


4. separate ways

Now that Cassidy and Luke have decided to take a break while Luke is on tour, both of their lives have changed very drastically.

Every guy at North Ridge HS (Cassidy's school) wants Cass. When we was with Luke she was 100% off limits, now that's she's not, all the guys are all over her! Cassidy isn't in the "popular" crowd at school but all those types of guys surround her in the halls. She's overwhelmed with compliments and sexual comments. Many girls at her school are now extremely jealous of her, one because Luke is now getting very famous, and that they would kill to have those guys all over her! Yes, she was used to getting attention when Luke was getting somewhat famous, but now she feels like she's on top of the world! Was her breaking it off with Luke making her even more famous? Are people hating on her even more?

Luke and the guys thought this Alisha Richardson gig was done after the one show, but they were wrong. Now on their 7th show of the tour, they can't get rid of her! She constantly has a camera on the boys....especially Luke. He's not happy. When he goes to check his Instagram and Twitter to see how Cass is, all he sees in his feed is pictures of him and Alisha. That's not what bothers him the most, the comments do. Most are "You guys make such a cute couple! Much cuter than your old girl!" or "You're much better off without Cassidy around!". That's what pushes him to the limit. Luke and the boys agree to not do anymore interviews with and he gets a restraining order against Alisha Richardson. After this, his life seems to brighten up, except for the fact that he now has Cassidy on his mind more than ever before.

Cassidy's life isn't doing any better, it's actually gotten worse. Even when she goes to work or when she is out with her family she has guys all over her! Her grades have dropped and she has became depressed. She finally got pushed too far from a group of guys that now even if a guy looks her in the eye she confidently says "get the hell away from me..." and they do.

Now after 5 months of Luke and Cassidy breaking up, they both realize that they can't stand being apart from each other. After a show one night, Luke calls Cassidy saying, "I know I'm probably the last person you want to talk to right now, but just please don't leave. I've missed you so much...I have no idea how we though we could be away from each other for so long. I don't know about you, but I can't handle it. Seeing you in those pictures with random guys just makes me so mad. They don't know you. They don't know how to treat you. I do....and I always will. Cassidy....princess....I love you so much..". They both stay quiet, the only sound to be heard is a faint breathing from both lines. Until Cassidy says, " Luke....I love you...more than anything. I miss you so's like a part of me is missing...". They both continue a conversation about what has happened in the past months.

At the end of the talk, Luke explains that he has a few days off before his show in LA. Missing her so much, Luke invites Cassidy to come. Of course she wants to. Because Luke is paying for all of this, her parents are happy to let her go!

The boys pick her up from LAX and everyone is so happy! Luke rushes to her and hugs and kisses her tighter than ever before. In the limo ride to the hotel, Ash, Cal and Mikey agree that they have missed having Cassidy around.

The next few days are the best days of Cassidy's life. Her and Luke spend every second together! They go to the beach, they shop, and they all even go to Disneyland!

After the bands' days off, they finally have to get ready for the show tonight. Cassidy helps with makeup and even goes and greets some fans waiting outside. Not 5sos fans, but fans of her very own!

At 7pm, the boys finally have to start the show. She kisses Luke softly and wishes everyone good-luck and walks into the arena to find her seat. When she gets there, she sees what she has to sit next to. The one...the only....dreaded Alisha Richardson.

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