This is a Luke story, and how he is on tour, wanting to be beside Cassidy


5. new beginnings

At first Cassidy didn't realize who she was until her overheard a conversation between Alisha and her manager. Ms. Richardson was saying about how she knew Luke's girlfriend was going to be at the concert and how she wanted to meet her and destroy her. Since Alisha never saw Cass, she talked to her so sweetly, asking her about who's her favorite in the band and how her day was going, even though she didn't seem to care. Not wanting to start anything, Cass just played it cool.

When the boys came on stage the whole crowd went insane. When Luke was introducing himself he said, "Sorry everyone if I seem a little nervous girlfriend Cassidy Rodgers is here and I hope she enjoys what we have in store!".

Alisha keeps going on about how her and Luke are so in love. Not wanting to give herself away, Cass just goes along with it. Cass was playing along so much, she wasn't even paying attention to the show. When she finally tuned back it, the boys were starting She Looks So Perfect.

What happens next is something that was obviously planned but no one was expecting. All the boys were singing the others parts. They switch so that Luke took all of Calums' verses. The music then suddenly stops. All that you could hear was a faint drum beat. The stage goes black. Luke then appears on stage with a single a tuxedo. He then sings in the most heavenly voice, "If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shines diamond ring with your name on it saying Cassidy Rodgers will you marry me?". It's clear Alisha Richardson wasn't expecting it either. Cassidy just stands there in complete shock. Then a spotlight shines into the crowd, right at Cass. The look on Alisha's face was priceless. Soon, a security guard hands Cass a microphone. Everyone is staring at her. "Cass I love you so much and no matter was has happened with whoever else, you're the one I want...." Luke says when Cass gets the mic. Cassidy breaks down crying. When she finally puts herself together, she's says "Of course I will", and the whole crowd cheers, even Alisha.

Cassidy is escorted to the stage to see Luke. She gets a group hug from the boys. When she sees Liz, they both start crying even more.

Cass goes on stage to say a few words before they continue the rest of the concert. The only thing she says is..."I want to give a shoutout to Alisha Richardson for bringing us closer together...", she smiles, kisses Luke, and leaves the stage and watches the rest of the amazing show from backstage.

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