This is a Luke story, and how he is on tour, wanting to be beside Cassidy


1. leaving

(standing outside the airport) "Luke...I'm going to miss you so much.." Cassidy Rodgers says to her boyfriend Luke Hemmings who is leaving to go on tour with his band. "I'm going to miss you too Cass....10 months will go by faster than you think...I promise.." Now inside the airport, the two stand there hugging and kissing silently until Cassidy says " I'm scared...scared that you going to meet another those 100s of 1000s of other better than me..". Luke hugs her tight and whispers in her ear "I love you more than you will ever know and no one can ever replace you". The two just sit together talking about everything they love about each other. Soon, the rest of the boys show up. Cass realizes that Luke is actually leaving now. She slowly leaves Luke's side and hugs the boys goodbye and wishes them good luck and not to have too much fun, with Luke silently standing behind them. Michael makes a comment about all the girls they will meet. Cassidy now beings crying even harder than before. Luke, being protective as he is, yells at the boys to go away and runs to Cassidy hugging her tighter than ever before. He says "Don't listen to one is going to replace you...". Cass just sighs and begins to cry more. Luke kisses her head trying to comfort her but he feels like he can't do anything. "Princess...please don't'll make me cry...we can do it. It will be like we never left each other...please baby stop will be okay....I love you too much to lose you...your smile...personality...everything you just mean so much to me...", Luke says calmly. After that, Cass just kisses him one last time and reluctantly walks out of the airport alone. Mikey comes back to apologize and sees she already left. Luke just says "We can make it...", and walks away with tears in his eyes.

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