This is a Luke story, and how he is on tour, wanting to be beside Cassidy


3. is it the end?

After Cassidy finally calms down from what she just saw, she turns on her phone. There are many missed phone calls and text messages from Luke and the boys, as well as messages from her friends asking if she has seen the new video or that she should just break up with him. First, she listens to all the voicemails. They are all pretty much the same..."Cass please pick up I didn't know she was going to say that! I still love you!". After reading through all the messages, Cass just sits there thinking about her next move until Luke calls...

When she picks up the phone, Luke's first words are "Cass please don't hang up...I love you....just let me explain...", so, he does. Luke says that the producers wanted a little chemistry between Alisha and him...and he thought that was nothing. But even after the interview, she was still all over him! Luke, at the time, didn't think it was anything...but now hearing how upset Cassidy is, he knows it was a bad move. Cass explains about all the messages and comments she has read and says..."Is this thing we have going really worth all this hate? No, I'm not mad about that Alisha girl, but just in is this going to work? We never see each other and it's just not how it used to be...and it makes me so....just so angry. Maybe we should just end this....for now...just until...". Luke stops her there....he can't handle to hear anymore. Cassidy says "It's just a suggestion...yes, I'm still in love with you...but like I said before you left...millions of girls are going to be all over you...and Luke you can't just say no to everyone...have the whole tour experience, don't worry about me...we can stay friends...but I can't handle being your girlfriend anymore...". Luke doesn't know what to say could he lose the girl of his dreams? He asks Cass if they can talk later, because now he has to go to sound check but she says "Don't worry about it...", and hangs up on him.

During sound check, and the show Luke is totally out of it. The boys ask him what's wrong and he just shrugs and says nothing. After the show, Alisha calls Luke and asks if him and the boys want to go to a party. Before Luke could answer for himself, Michael grabs the phone, says yes, and asks for details. So of course, the boys go. Now at the party, Luke completely forgets why he is even upset! He thinks that Cass doesn't mean what she says, so he just lives up his tour experience! Photographers were there capturing every moment....and maybe a moment that one shouldn't have. Dressed in a very revealing dress, Alisha is seen pressed against Luke, drink in hand, dancing in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone else clears the floor so the two can finish their slow dance. When they finished, everyone clapped, and Alisha Richardson makes sure all the cameras are pointed on her, and leans in to kiss Luke. Not knowing what to do, with all the cameras watching, kisses her back. When he does, he immediately runs away from Alisha, realizing that was a very bad move.

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