This is a Luke story, and how he is on tour, wanting to be beside Cassidy


2. far apart

With Luke far away enjoying his tour, Cassidy continues her usual day at school and work. Of course, everyone is congratulating her for Luke's success, but occasionally she will get the "oh you must miss him" or "oh well I hope you two last!", and those make her feel even more lonely. That night she waits for Luke to call. When he finally does, he rants about how much he misses her, and how much he loves her. This makes Cass feel a lot better, so she tries to focus on him. Luke talks about the boys, the loud crowds and all the new food he has tried. At around 11pm Cassidy's time, Luke says "you should get some sleep...I'll call you tomorrow at 10...goodnight princess....I love and miss you so much...". After that, Cassidy goes to bed with a smile on her face because she knows Luke still loves her.

After Cassidy's busy week at school, she finally has the whole weekend to talk to Luke...she thinks. Luke calls her and explains he will not be able to talk because he is so busy with interviews and photo-shoots. Being very understanding, Cass wishes him the best of luck and to call her when he can.

With the weekend to herself, Cassidy just relaxes and watches movies. Luke texts her and told her to watch his new interview with Alisha Richardson on Naturally, she does....but she doesn't like what she sees. That girl is all over Luke! From asking his opinion on everything, and agreeing on it to playfully touching him and making flirty comments! Cassidy is in complete disgust, but she knows she should be bothered because she knows Luke loves her. Further in the interview, Alisha asks about each of the boys' love lives. Ash, Mikey and Cal immediately turn to Luke who blushes, thinking about Cass. Being very excited, Luke goes on and on about how much he loves Cass and how amazing she is. After he finished Cass was smiley like an idiot to her computer screen, but Alisha gave him a very disappointing look. Alisha says, "That's very sweet and all, but everyone knows relationships between famous people and average people never when you're finished with that, what seems to be clingy girlfriend of know who to call...", she winks, and the interview ends. By this time, Cassidy is in complete tears. She violently slams her laptop shut, shuts her phone off and sits by herself, crying, on her bed. She thinks if what Alisha says was true...should she break it with the man of her dreams?

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