Jessie is a well liked and pretty girl. Some would say she is popular but she wouldn't. This isn't about some snobby popular girl who bullies people and is well, a right b**** enough said!



He runs up and kisses me and it seems like everything is perfect,birds singing, beautiful picnic, roses everywhere...


I grab my phone and stab at the snooze button. UGH it was just a dream! 'JESSIE WAKE UP!' my mum shouts. 'I'M UP I'M UP!' I reply. Who invented mornings. Or school, I mean seriously beds are so much more comfortable in the morning! 'JESSIE' my mum shouts again. 'OKAY OKAY CALM DOWN' grrr. I hug my bed( it is hard to hug a double bed) and faceplant like a pro! okay I should start getting ready. I go to the bathroom and step into a nice warm shower and wash my hair and body and then stay an extra 10 minutes thinking about everything possible except school. When I finally hit the reality of having to go to school I get out and dry off and put on my uniform. Yes I don't get to wear whatever I want :( my uniform is just a pencil skirt, a white shirt, a tie, a jumper, a blazer, knee high socks and brown brogues. It's not as bad as you think though.

I tie my hair away from my face and go to my dressing table. I grab my foundation and apply all over my face, cover some spots with concealer, i contour my cheekbones with bronzer, apply blush to the apple of my cheeks, i fill in my eyebrows and brush my eye lashes with light mascara and finally put lip balm on my face. I know this sounds like a lot of make up but really its not, I'm just having a bad week of spots. I quickly untie my tangled hair and brush through it thoroughly and blow dry it straight. Finally I brush back the top of my hair and pin it at the back of my head with a hair bow(I'm obsessed). When I look presentable I run down stairs, grab a bowl and cut some apple, strawberries and banana. I eat while going on snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook, viber, bbm and youtube. When its time to go I walk to the bus stop which is a few minutes away and get on the bus with my bus buddies! I always sit in the back seats with Cameron, Tom, Cathy and Ella. We talk about random crap and by the time we reach school my stomach hurts from laughing and I stumble off the bus to see my friends laughing their asses off at me! I say hi to everyone I pass and hug some guy friends. I don't like school but my friends make it A LOT easier.

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