Look at me daddy

My sister made this poem up for my mother when her father passed away so i thought i would share it with you friendly people on the internet!!!!:D


1. Chapter One

Look at me daddy,see my new dress?

I look like a princess when I twirl,

You know I look up to you daddy

You're doing all that you can for your little girl.


I'm getting bigger daddy,more each day

I'm letting go of your hand just a little too,

you know soon trials will come my way.

But you protect me with all you can do.


Look at me daddy,I'm old enough now

And now know whats best for me

You think you "Know best" daddy,but I'm tough

I'll prove it to you,It will be easy.


You're a grandfather daddy,did you hear?

Now I have my own little girl as well,

You know I'm young,and maybe a little scared

But you pray to give me strength,and guidance.


Look at me daddy,please lift your head.

The doctors say there's not much time yet,

I hope you know daddy,I don't care what they said.

I know you will pull through,please don't give up yet.


I love you so much daddy,you've been so strong.

It's so wonderful getting to know you again,

These new memories we're making are a blessing to us,

I'll take care of you now daddy,even if it's not for long.


Look at me daddy,can you hear my voice?

I know you're smiling daddy,I'm smiling with you.

Do you hear these angels daddy,I bet it's a beautiful noise.

Jesus pulls you softly away,calling,"Come home son,I love you."


So I pray now daddy I'm so broken inside.

I know you're better now,but all I can do is cry,

I hope you're happy now,and overcome with love.

And I know I'll see you soon,up in heaven above.



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