Her Life In My Hands

A girl moves into a completely different town. Somehow, suspicious and mysterious. She doesn't have any trouble getting good grades. But she does have trouble making friends. Later on in the story, she finds a friend that cares. But, she is embarrassed and is forced to make a decision between her friend and her family, from the bullies.


1. Intro

Hi, my name is Kayla Johnson. Most people call me Kayla. Which I'm sure you already know of. 

Anyways, this is my story. I'm not proud of what happened and I was embarrassed but that's how it is. I was forced to make a decision that totally changed my life.

So this is how it all started. It was my first day at Eastwood High School. I'm in 11th grade by the way. So yeah. 


Inappropriate things may appear. If you do not feel comfortable reading this story, please exit. Don't copy my work please. 


                                                               Okay ENJOY!  :)

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