Truth or dare

I invite some teachers , friends and enemies to play truth
or dare with me in the room of requirements....
See what happens.


8. "SQUIB" ...

"Hi guys" I said as I strolled into the room of requirements.

"Hi Hazel" A couple of people muttered. As I walked in I could see a change since a week ago. Harry and Ron had obviously had a fallout because whenever their eyes met they exchanged looks of disgust. Unusually Hermione was trying on lavenders lipstick."Since when does Hermione wear lipstick?"I thought. 

"Why did you come in - have you got any dares ?"Draco asked me politely. "Yes indeed I have " I answered. A look of mock horror skipped onto his face . He must have remembered his last one !             "Luna , Harry ,Hermione ,Draco get your skinny buts over here!" I commanded. I blindfolded all four of them and got Charlotte in to the room.

Then I whispered something and she nodded. "I<3 Draco Malfoy dares Luna + Harry to kiss and Hermione + Draco to kiss, while Ron , Ginny and pansy watch. Pansy ( being the usual pug face and protective girlfriend she was ) tried to stop it happening but in the end she got stupified and fell to the floor." Get yourself in the position when your about to kiss " I ordered. Everyone obliged. 

We pushed them together and put them in a position. Just at the last second Charlotte uncovered their  blindfolds using non verbal . " Why can't you do that spell instead of that idiot. You know if me and potter want to kiss these hot girls we want privacy" Harry nodded.

" Okay it's because I'm a SQUIB" Hazel blurted out. The rest of that session you couldn't hear because of the angry outburst...



A/N: Do you guys like that chapter? It's my best one by far . I planned it on paper then write it 2 hours a very long time. Please give more dares. I'll update two times a week and plan it two days a week as well so I'm saying that to all of you who hate waiting.


P.S Thanks I<3DracoMalfoy


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