Truth or dare

I invite some teachers , friends and enemies to play truth
or dare with me in the room of requirements....
See what happens.


4. routine

I strolled into the room , I could see Hermione entertaining all the Gryffindor s by reading them a book called slytherin suck (she made it herself much to the amusement of her other snake haters)  "Hello let me tell you the routine"   I said .

"SHUT YOUR GOB" Nacrissa and Bellatrix loudly gambled cause Lucius was getting the dark mark at the same time as draco fighting over who owned the elder wand."Charlotte sapphire come here now "  Then two 13 year olds came into the room " How  can we help you Hazel?"

"Nut head"shouted draco 

"JUST CAUSE MY LAST NAME IS NUTT DOESN'T ME YOU CAN CALL ME A NUTHEAD" everyone had gone silent ! Hazel had started whispering and Draco whimpering. "I'll tell me father about this !"

"Sorry but dear old father is already here " Nacrissa whisperd to her now moaning son  .


Girls you know what to do. In a second all of the death eaters where unconscious and being dragged out of the basement by a elderly house elf whom was wearing a onesie  that had sass master inprinted on the back of it . Pug face pansy giggled and the "sass master"got all angry and said that she was not swagtastick and she ended up crying while being pulled out of the room by him.You have to come here every day while people or myself will come and tell you your dare ...


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