Truth or dare

I invite some teachers , friends and enemies to play truth
or dare with me in the room of requirements....
See what happens.


6. 1 more year to go

Flash back

"Hemione veritsirm please" She jumped on him and pored the green liquid down his throat.

End of flash back

"I'mmmmmm ..........99999"  He gagged.

"One more year and you are my age"exclaimed olivander"  SHUT up dinosaur"

"So we've got dares for you laddies" 

"Charlotte , come here please"

"You know what do , don't you? "

"Pooff thing ,oh dares" Yes Charlotte was a witch of Hogwarts , unfortunately sapphire got into a fight and got her head badly deskined .

" Opera's"and voldy,snape,luicuis and draco had hideous girl clothes . They were wearing  a bright green leotard, with an asphalt neon panda ; a bright blue tu tu skirt with orange polka dots . On their feet they had neon green opens that where nine-inch heels. The glitter that was sprinkled over them was hurting their eyes , to top of everything they had rainbow tiaras. "Ha ha "teased nacrissa

"This is so going on Facebook , instergram , Twitter and other social media networks " I pointed out. 

A/N: Please give more dares , I'm going to do the dares for co author's in three weeks

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