The story afterwards

Jack, Cinderella, and Red Riding all had happy endings, but what about he forgotten characters that the Grimm Brothers forgot about? What about them?


2. Vengeance had a child


The message had clearly been written for..... her to come to his world. The Forgotten world. But, where was the girl now? "She's probably already being eaten by monsters at this rate" said a voice behind me. It was Nana, one of my closest friends and loyal partner, she always fought by my side no matter the cost. It was a common joke among even among the eldest Forgotten Ones,  I was a child of Vengeance. It was true that my mother was a warrior that was a threat to even the Forgotten, her wrath was the last thing anyone or thing you would ever see. The Council ( which I am a part of thank you very much!), says that she was only a dame when I was born, fair skin, bright blue eyes, and the signature flame red hair that was the color of fire. Me now being 18, I had to figure out how to survive now on my own. When you are below the age of  18, the others helped with your survival, caught your prey, or even helped you operate the heavy artillery. This is supposed to teach us how to rely on others, basically companionship. The older I got the less help from the others. Which was when I almost died.

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