The story afterwards

Jack, Cinderella, and Red Riding all had happy endings, but what about he forgotten characters that the Grimm Brothers forgot about? What about them?


1. The Forgotten Child


My heart pounded as I stared into the forbidden forest. The only forest in all of Ariana that has a reputation for being home of monsters, witches, curses, and of course apples (think, apples=skin as white as SNOW). But, I had come here on a mission. My so called "mission" was to venture out into the woods to find a group called the Forgotten. How pleasant to walk into the country's most dangerous fores and even meet what appears to be a notorious band of blood thirsty, heart eating children. Whoop-di-do-da! "Welcome, Lily." says a mystical serene voice interrupting my thoughts. As I looked around , with a jolt I realized that I wasn't on the edge of the forest anymore, but in the deepest heart instead.   

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