Until The Last Breath

There wasn't a cutest couple than Jai Brooks and Dhalia Whitehope. But after some news, everything goes down. Tears will fall, smile will disappear and hope will thin. But as Dr. Seuss once wisely said:
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”


1. The Beginning Of It All

~~Pain. That was all she felt as she walk along with Jai on Las Vegas’ street. Halting in her footsteps, she let go of his hands, clutching her stomach as a searing pain went through it.
“Dhalia? Are you alright?’’ He ask her, wondering what was happening. She simply shook her head as the pain worsen and worsen, her vision becoming blurry as her knees buckle, not strong enough to hold her up anymore. “Woah, there.’’ His hands hold her up, wrapping around her waist. “Here, just sit.’’ He sat her on a bench as she start to feel faint. Her eyes rolling back into their sockets, she fell limp, unconscious.  “No! Dhalia? Dhalia!’’ He yell her name before realising she need medical assistance, not waiting a second to pull out his cell phone and dialling the ambulance. “Help, please! My girlfriend she fainted. We are on the West Lake Mead Boulevard.’’ ‘’Sir, calm down please. Just tell us if anything is specifically recognisable around you.’’ ‘’Yes, we are beside the Laser Quest building.’’ The phone slide from his sweaty hand, falling on the floor with a loud thud and the screen crack all around. Swearing under his breath, he stay by her side, hoping she’ll be alright.
The sirens rang through the air as the ambulance skid to a stop beside them. The once loud street became quiet as curiosity arose inside every walker by. Jai stayed by her side as they place her on a gurney and lift her in the ambulance. The ride to the hospital was short as they simply check her vitals. Once inside of the hospital, the doctor and nurses immediately went to task.
“What happened?’’
“She fainted, but didn’t show any sign of waking up for the last 20 minutes.’’
“Bring her to the examination room 02, we’ll do a cranial scan. Might find out what’s wrong.’’
On these words, they wheeled her inside of the room, pushing Jai out of the way and closing the door behind them, leaving him to pace in front of the door, his hands yanking anxiously at his hair.  How did all of this happen? One minute they were slowly walking along the street, after an amazing game of Laser Quest and then here they were.
Seconds pass, and then minutes, up to hours until the doctor eventually walk out of the room, a dark expression on his face. “Sir, are you here for Dhalia Whitehope?’’ He ask Jai.
“Yes! Is she alright? What happened?’’ Jai quickly spoke, words blurting out of his mouth.
“We have an idea of what it might be, especially after those scans, but in order to comfirmate our fears, we need to pass some other test. I suggest you visit her now, since the room won’t be accessible for a couple of hours.’’  He nod at Jai and walk away, opening a pad and talking lowly to a nurse.
Jai ran into the room, finding her awake on the bed, staring absently outside of the window. “Angel?’’ He whisper as her head snap toward him, a small smile lifting her lips.
“Jai. Thank god you’re here.’’ She mumble as her smile expand more as the seconds tick by. “Did the doctor told you anything?’’ She ask him. He shook his head, his shoulder slumping forward. “Oh….Did you call the others?’’ The others being his brothers and three friends. Luke and Beau. Daniel, James and Ronnie. He once again shook his head, a guilty look crossing his face as she slowly chuckle. “Jai, don’t you think that they would worry about where you are?’’ She smile as he fumble with his words.
Taking a breath, he mumble under his breath. “I drop my phone, okay? I know it’s the third time this week, but I panicked.’’ As an answer she simply place her hand atop of his. They pass the next twenty minutes, talking to one another, hugging, hoping, thinking. The doctor stood at the open doorway, his arms neatly fold in front of him.
“The examination room are clear and ready for you. Now, Sir, I will demand you to go home. We will call you when the visitors are allowed.’’ Being clearly dismiss, Jai took five more seconds to kiss her shortly, but sweetly on the lips, than departing from the room. He walk home as she was wheeled taken for tests.
He walk through his front door, being automatically bombard with questions, receiving slaps and punch, as his friends crowd around him.
 “Where the fuck where you?’’
‘’You were supposed to be back four hours ago!’’
“Why weren’t you answering your phone?’’
“What happened?’’
“Hey….where is Dhalia? Wasn’t she supposed to come over too?’’ This last statement silence everybody as they glance around, probably thinking she was going to  pop up from somewhere and yell ‘surprise’.  Jai shook his head and sat on the couch. “Did she…broke up with you?’’ Ask James, unsurely. Jai shook his head, biting his lips in anxiety.
“She’s at the hospital….she fainted as we were walking back, probably going to catch the bus. They have been passing scans, tests and all that shit for the past hours….they are still passing some right now…They said they’ll call me when I can come over.’’ He told them breathlessly.
“Is she going to be fine?’’ Inquire Luke.
“I don’t know.’’
“What does she have?’’
“I don’t know.’’
“What-?’’ This time he cut them off, standing up abruptly.
“I don’t fucking know anything, Okay? They wouldn’t tell me, so stop harassing me with your questions.’’ He shout as they quiet and stare at him with sympathy filled eyes.
“Hey, we didn’t harass you, okay? We are simply worries that’s all.’’ Daniel voice as he lift his hands in surrender. Jai sat back down, his back hitting the couch, as he crumble in tears.
“What if she’s not fine, guys? What if something is completely wrong?’’  He sob as they all pondered his words, Beau awkwardly patting his back in a supposed-to-be comforting gesture.
“I don’t know Jai. But let’s just hope.’’ Ronnie muttered as he tap furiously on his phone, probably telling management of the problem.
Hope. That’s all they had at that moment.


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