I Become Friends With Harry Styles

Adrianna's mother has just died, leaving her miserable. Her BFF, Maddie, tries to cheer her up by spending all of her money just I get backstage passes to a One Direction concert. She meets the gang, and becomes one of their closest friends. Maybe, just maybe, she can walk the red carpet with her dream guy, Harry Styles.


1. Laying Down Her Casket

My name is Adrianna Fidder. I abosolutely LOVE 1D. Especially Harry Styles. I like them even more than my BFF, Maddie Gefser. I LOVE them. My mom was saving up so that we could follow them on their world tour with VIP backstage passes. Until she died. It was 9 days ago, and those are days of grief. Worst. Days. Ever. Right now, I am at her funeral, bawling my eyes out, even making my tan face pale. My brown hair was soaked, and, honestly, I don't know how. My bro, Alex, is an eight year old and is still crying. My dad died 3 years ago, when I was twelve, since then, my mom has married a man named George, who is kind to me. I love him, but I still love my dad more. 


As we buried her, my aunt Carrie patted me on the back, reassuring me. 



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