Ciggarets and Roses

She smelled like cigarets and cheap rose perfume, yet she intoxicated me.
She never talked to anyone, yet I heard all her sentences.
She is a bad girl, and well I'm not, yet I'm deeply in love with a girl who has no clue I exist.


7. Chapter 7

  As I entered the class room all eyes were on me. I felt extremely inscure but I pushed that behind me when I sat down, Haley was already in class and sitting in the seat in front of me. "Hey." She said smiling at me.

"Look, your boyfriend already went after me, I'm not wanting anymore trouble then what I've already caused." I said sighing while looking at my book.

"Harry isn't even my boyfriend, he's been wanting me since freshman year. I always turned him down." She said and I gave her a confused look.

"Why isn't Harry like the hottest guy here?" I said furrowing my eyebrows.

"Hell no, he's cute yeah but he's an ass. I have sex with him sometimes but that's all I want from him." She said shrugging her shoulders and laughing.




















"So which guy do you actually like?" I said and fiddled with my fingers.

"Well at the moment, none, because I have my eye on someone. They are different from everyone else and cute as fuck." She said smiling. 

"So wait? It's a girl?" I said leaning forward.

"Yeah but they don't know it yet. You're the first person I told about her."

"She must be special for you not telling anyone about her."

"Yeah she's extremely special tho we've only talked about once or twice." She said and I laugh, I kinda know how she feels about this girl. The reason I know is because I feel that way about her. "So how do you think I can ask her out?" 
























"Well, tell her that you like her. I mean if she's not into girls then I don't know but, maybe ask her to the movies." I said unsure.

"That sounds perfect, thanks." She said and turned around. I smiled a little to myself. After the day ended I walked happily to my car and drove home with my sister. Once we got home our front door was open. I hurried up and rushed inside to see my mom on the couch crying. "Mom! Are you okay? What happened?" She looked up at me and smiled.

"They got him, he's in jail. But before they came he hit me a little but I'm okay, I promise things are going to change around here. Things will get better and we'll pull trough this." She said and I smile with joy.

Authors note: okay so I'm going to update more and more often, I like writing but anyways tell me what you think!


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