Ciggarets and Roses

She smelled like cigarets and cheap rose perfume, yet she intoxicated me.
She never talked to anyone, yet I heard all her sentences.
She is a bad girl, and well I'm not, yet I'm deeply in love with a girl who has no clue I exist.


6. Chapter 6

I woke up and smiled to myself knowing that my father would be put in jail. I've never been raped, only because I haven't done anything wrong, or that he's found out about. I feel bad for my sister tho, having to lose her virginity to father and being raped several times. If they don't put him in jail then I don't know what I'll do, run away maybe? I stood up and stretched. I looked around my wardrobe to find something decent to modern times. I decided on wearing my blue dress that comes to my mid thigh, which I'm only aloud to wear on special occasions, and my white flats. I brushed my hair and left it natural and walked down stairs. I grabbed my keys off the hook and my backpack. "Good luck mom, I love you so so so much." I said and hugged her tightly. 

"I will be careful Emily, good luck at school sweetie." She smiled and let me go. I waited for my sister and she came out wearing a dress similar to mine but pink. "Hey sis." I said and smiled.

"Hey." She said and smiled cheerfully. I giggled and pulled out of the drive way and after 10 miles into my school. I got out along with my sister and for the first time we walked together. She smiled at people but didn't go away or stop, she said she wanted to walk with me. We entered the school and she gave me a hug goodbye and walked up to her friends. I went to my locker and one of the jocks was at my locker. "Well if it isn't the senior virgin, are you waiting for God to take it?" He said and I glared at him. 

"No first off I'm an atheist, and second I'm a lesbian, so I'd take your male ego and take it out to trash along with yourself." I said and shoved him away with half of my strength. I opened my locker and and grabbed the books I needed and put my back pack in there before closing my locker. 

"So you're a lesbian?" Haley said making me jump and drop my books.

"Uh yes, I hope that doesn't change our sort of friend ship." I said bending down to grab my books and her eyes followed me. Or at least I think.

"No not at all." She said with her eyes raking up my body. I blushed and pushed some hair behind my ear and she smirked before leaving. 

"Holy Jesus fuck me in my ass." I muttered under my breath before I turned around and scurried off to class before anyone else runs into me. But that didn't work out as planned because I ran into Harry Styles. God damnit. 

"So I see you have interest in my girlfriend Haley." He said with a smirk. I felt my heart drop right then.

"U-uh no she's just a friend." I studdered and cursed under my breath.

"Well I'm just here to warn you to back off, or your precious virginity will be taken away from someone miss lesbian." He said getting in my face making me sink lower while he towered over me. and that's when I got pissed.

"Okay listen here Mr. Curly haired freak if you think what so ever that anyone is going to take my virginity away that isn't a girl you're so fucking wrong. I swear to god if anyone lays a single hand on me I will break you and I will break them, she's just a fucking friend and if you feel so insecure because your dick is so tiny that you get defensive around a lesbian clearly you can fuck her good enough to stick around." I said yelled so loud that everyone around heard. I kicked him in the balls and headed to class feeling accomplished with myself.

Authors Note: Hello! Sorry for not updating in forever, I'm really sorry. But I hope you like this chapter, don't worry all of one direction will be in this story it's Harry that showed up now. So what do you think will happen next?  




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